Home reorg 101: Moving all the things!

Monday, July 3, 2017

I purchased my first home ten years ago this summer. I can't BELIEVE I've lived in this house for ten years, and looking back, my how it's changed! What started out as a home for three roommates eventually turned to two which eventually turned to my own humble abode. Later, this became the house my husband moved into and the house we brought our son home to. And now that he's two and we have another sweet pea on the way, well, we're outgrowing it FAST. 

We've been back and forth on when the right time to move will be. While we love the South Bend area, it doesn't make sense to stay here long-term when Dan is working 45 minutes away in St. Joe, Michigan. It made sense to stay here when we were both working, because this was a central location for our workplaces, but now that my business is completely flexible, we'll most likely move to St. Joe. We've been debating the right time, and we even talked about this summer, but when we found out we were pregnant, we kaboshed that. Our hope right now is to get somewhat of a routine established as a family of four before we uproot everything we've ever known. Makes sense, right?! ;) But really, trying to house hunt while pregnant and mildly hormonal just didn't make sense for us, so we decided to work with what we had. 

In order to make room for a nursery, that meant disassembling our guest room. But, we hated the thought of not having anywhere for guests to stay - because while we don't get them often - we do LOVE having them! So that meant moving our guest room from upstairs to our downstairs gym/office. As you can imagine, that meant taking apart and reorganizing the gym/office to fit a queen size bed, AND, finding a new location for a giant (read: heavy as hell!) dresser. We knew this was our June task...

...so naturally we accomplished it on July 2! 

But, ohmigosh, you guys, I'm in LOVE with the changes! I SO wish I had taken before photos, because unless you've been to our house since it became a kid zone, I don't think you'll understand how exciting these changes are! 

Our guest room was taken apart, and will eventually become our new nursery. The weights and elliptical went into the storage room (still usable! Just less scenic in there!), and the guest room went to my KEEP office area. It's super cozy in there, and we love guests! 
And the dresser - this is my FAVORITE! We took the mirror off the back, and it's now being used in our kitchen as a buffet! And ohmigosh, we love it put together! 
So for now, we're enjoying our new space and looking forward to making it even homier before baby number two arrives! 


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