Stitch Fix #23: A fashionista's dream!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

You guys. WHY has it been so long since I've blogged?! Seriously, where did the time go?! 

In short, here's what happened. Our already super active almost two-year-old has continued to ramp up his activeness, so we spend a good chunk of our day doing anything and everything.  He's into SO many different things now. We love treating any apparatus in our home as jungle gym equipment, reading lots of books, and all things Frozen (Henry Hugglemonster has taken a momentary backseat). And that makes it a little difficult to find the time to sit down and blog (because when there is time to sit down, I'm doing things like working my business or finishing laundry or cleaning or doing all the things).

And speaking of business, holy WOW has it been an amazing few months with KEEP Collective! My crazy-amazing incredible team hustled like no other in November to promote to a Director team! Say WHAT?! That means my team sold huge volume and all hit incredible goals in order to get us there, and I'm REALLY excited to see what's coming down the pipeline. But, I'll save that for another blog. 

Let's get down to why we're really here today: A fabulous Stitch Fix to end 2016 right! 

If you don't know about Stitch Fix (<--Referral link!), let me give you a little rundown. Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription service, and you decide how frequently, or infrequently, you'd like a shipment. You'll fill out a detailed style profile about your sizes, style preferences, and budget (and it's super fun to fill out the profile to see what your style preferences are!). Not only does Stitch Fix offer clothing, but they have accessories, bags, and even shoes now! Their maternity Fixes were amazing while I was pregnant, and I've been getting Fixes on the regular just because it's so much easier than toting our sweet 22-month-old to the store with me to try things on! 

And, if someone signs up through your referral link, you get a $25 credit to use toward your next purchase! (And let me tell you, that adds up to some awesome free close!) I was lucky enough to snag a Stitch Fix gift certificate for Christmas too, so happy shopping to me! 

You can see my previous Fixes here:
Stitch Fix #1

I love Stitch Fix because it comes directly to me! This is perfect for seeing if the pieces you receive will work with the pieces you already have. Your Fix also arrives with detailed styling cards to give you ideas of how to wear each item. Each Fix costs $20, but the fee is credited toward anything you decide to keep. When you've decided what you don't want, you simply check out online and mail the items back in the prepaid mailing envelope. If you keep everything, you score a 25% discount! I love that I can work with my current wardrobe to see what will work best with what I already have. 

So for this Fix, I asked for some gorgeous pieces I could wear to our upcoming KEEP Director's Summit in Tucson! I wanted to get a few new fashionista pieces (since most days, my wardrobe is comfy casual), and I wanted to try some things outside my comfort zone. Serena, my AMAZING stylist, never EVER disappoints! Seriously, Serena, if you're reading this, and you ever find yourself in northern Indiana, you just let me know, girl. You come over. I'll make you your favorite meal! Per usual, Serena picked five amazing pieces, so without further adieu, onto the goodies! 

1. Octavia Hayley Bird Print Infinity Scarf, $28 
2. Fate Goodwin Cowl Neck Sweater, $64
When I saw these two pieces coming, I wasn't immediately sure what I thought. The poncho looked a little, well, poncho-like, and having never tried one, I didn't know what to expect. But, I've come to completely trust Serena, and she didn't disappoint here! She suggested pairing the poncho and scarf together (P.S. NEVER would have done that with a cowl neck, but it totally works!) and said I should pair them with the burgundy leggings I kept from many Fixes ago. And I kind of LOVE the look! What do you think? Better with or without the scarf added? I know which way I'm leaning! 

3. Loveappella Pola Pocket Knit Top, $48
This top right here, this is my jam. I think if I could summarize my style in one top, it'd be this one. I love the mixed material (the back is the same stripe as the sleeve!), I love the pop of color on the pocket and trim around the neck. I just really love it! 

4. Collective Concepts Krystal Dress, $78
When I saw what was coming in this Fix, THIS was the piece I was most excited to try! I've been looking at styles like this for ages, and I LOVE a good polka dot detail, so I couldn't wait to see what it looked like. And it did NOT disappoint! I love that I can dress it up with a great pair of heels, boots, or a statement necklace OR dress it down with leggings and flats. I love the shimmer. I love the 3/4 length sleeves! And it might just be perfect for a party in the desert! 

5. 41 Hawthorn Carla Crochet Detail Blouse, $58
Okay, so, story time. When my Fix came, I liked this top! I loved the jewel tone, and the sleeve details were cute too! I immediately liked it when I tried it on. But when I showed it to my mom, she pointed out a stain on the front, right smack dab in the middle. It looked a little like oil, maybe, but I wasn't sure. I emailed Stitch Fix immediately to ask if they had another, and they got back to me less than an hour later to say that this absolutely isn't up to their standards, and unfortunately, they didn't have another of the same top available (bummer!). They did offer me a discount on the shirt if I decided to keep it, but without knowing the origin of the stain, it made me a little nervous to keep it without knowing if I could get it out. So I emailed back saying as such... but I also asked about the buy five discount. Could I still get 25% off if I chose not to keep this top but still keep the rest of the Fix? And they responded immediately and said yes, they would take care of it if I chose to do that! Umm, that's some awesomeness right there! 

So what do we think, friends?! Do we like the other four pieces enough to keep them all? Are there any you would definitely send back? I need your feedback! 


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