Stitch Fix #22: Fall staples for every occasion!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

There are so many things that get me excited for this season. Windy days. Leaves falling. Sweaters. Salted Caramel Mochas. And right up at the top of the things that make me love this season is Stitch Fix. 

If you don't know about Stitch Fix (<--Referral link!), let me give you a little rundown. Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription service, and you decide how frequently, or infrequently, you'd like a shipment. You'll fill out a detailed style profile about your sizes, style preferences, and budget (and it's super fun to fill out the profile to see what your style preferences are!). Not only does Stitch Fix offer clothing, but they have accessories, bags, and even shoes now! Their maternity Fixes were amazing while I was pregnant, and I've been getting Fixes on the regular just because it's so much easier than toting our sweet 18-month-old to the store with me to try things on! 

And, if someone signs up through your referral link, you get a $25 credit to use toward your next purchase! 

You can see my previous Fixes here:
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I love Stitch Fix because it comes directly to me! This is perfect for seeing if the pieces you receive will work with the pieces you already have. Your Fix also arrives with detailed styling cards to give you ideas of how to wear each item. Each Fix costs $20, but the fee is credited toward anything you decide to keep. When you've decided what you don't want, you simply check out online and mail the items back in the prepaid mailing envelope. If you keep everything, you score a 25% discount! I love that I can work with my current wardrobe to see what will work best with what I already have. 

This Fix was once again styled by Serena. I feel like Serena and I could totally be besties. The kind that drink like 8 cups of coffee together while watching Gilmore Girls in our comfy and fashionable Stitch Fix clothes. But, I digress. 

This Fix, I asked for some transition pieces to Fall. I also asked for something I might be able to wear in some family photos we're doing soon. And Serena always comes through. But this time, I REALLY need your help deciding! What do I keep, my friends?! 

1. Skies are Blue Abela Open Cardigan, $48
2. Rune Porter Leggings, $44
I love the color and style of the sweater - so much so that this absolutely reminds me of a LOT of other sweaters in my closet! It's a thicker knit, so it's perfect for cool days, but I love that it has 3/4 sleeves! The leggings are great - high quality and fit well... BUT, I'm kind of legging-ed out right now. I have four awesome pairs of basic black leggings, plus a gorgeous burgundy shade. AND, I've acquired quite a few LuLaRoe patterns now, so I'm just not sure I need any more leggings in my life! 

3. Market and Spruce Dolly Tie Back Neck Knit Top, $54

This is quite possibly the softest shirt I've ever put on. Ohmigosh, it's so incredibly soft. LOVE that it again has 3/4 length sleeves so that my Keepers still show, and LOVE the bow detail on the back, but I'm worried that it's a little boxy and might make me look a little wider than I am. In fact, my fab photog was sitting on the floor playing with our son when he first took this photo. As soon as he looked at it, he popped right up, told me I wouldn't like that angle, and took it again. I looked WAY wider from below!

4. Pixley Millie Textured Knit Dress, $68

Serena sent this dress with the recommendation of wearing it in our family pictures. I love the v-back, and I'm all about polka dots. But what do we think of the neckline? I just can't decide if I love it enough, especially since I REALLY loved the dress I got in my last Fix! What's a girl to do?! Ask her friends for help, of course! 

5. Madra Shiloh Leaf Print Infinity Scarf, $38 
Oh hi, this scarf is cream and has mustard colored leaves. It's GORGEOUS, and I'm really excited to rock some scarfs this season! I skipped them a lot last year because I was still nursing, and they mostly got in the way/became a way for my little man to yank on my neck even more. I kind of love this. 

So I absolutely need your help this time around, friends! Weigh in! What am I keeping? What's going back? 

Oh, and, keep an eye out for a SECOND Stitch Fix blog post this week... but this time, it's a different model! Stitch Fix has men's now, and my handsome hubby LOVED his first Fix (he kept every single piece!)! He'll be showing it off this week right here! 


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