Fall favorite things: A natural deodorant that works, my favorite color combo, and a new Stitch Fix model coming soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I'm not a real big believer in New Year's Resolutions... mostly because I rarely stick to mine. And I've decided as of late that I really can't (and shouldn't!) wait for a reason to start something new or drop a bad habit. I've missed my regular blogging so much, so one of my goals this fall is to get back to it. And what better way to kick it off today than with a post about my favorite things this fall!?

Holly's Keeping It Real natural deodorant
Confession time. I've been on the hunt for a natural deodorant ever since Henry was born. While I was nursing, I grew super aware of not only what I was putting in my body but ON my body too, and I was hoping to find something more natural. That set me out on a quest to find a natural deodorant that worked for me. Because, you see, I am a sweater. And not just when I'm working out. I sweat, like, frequently. So most of the other natural deodorants I tried just weren't standing a chance. 

Enter Holly's Keeping It Real natural deodorant! Holly and I are in a fit mom's group together on Facebook, and when I was having some arthritis issues, she and I got to talking about the products we use. She told me she'd started selling her deodorant in small quantities, and I jumped at the chance to try it! I selected the Sweet Orange scent, and a gorgeous little jar arrived in just a few days! 

Full disclosure. It took me a solid two weeks before I really felt it was working. But, that's because my research showed that it takes awhile for your body to adjust to not having the normal deodorant chemicals hanging around. So if you can tough it out for two weeks, your body will thank you. I'm LOVING this deodorant! 

Coffeemate's Salted Caramel Mocha creamer
Yeah, yeah, I get it. It's fall. Everyone is on the pumpkin spice latte (PSL for those in the know) bandwagon. And I get that it's charming and tastes like fall. But, you guys, it's not for me. I'm just not a fan. Ever since the first tasty sip of my Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha a few years ago, I've been hooked. But while I LOVE my Starbucks SCM (I don't know that anyone else would know this acronym, but I know it, so let's go with it!), I don't love the $5 price tag on a daily basis. 

Enter Coffeemate's Salted Caramel Mocha. It sort of makes my coffee taste like heaven. A warm tasty bit of heaven that I reheat around four times a morning, but heaven nonetheless. Get your hands on some! Actually, stock up, and give me your extra! 

Essentially everything I wear this season will fall in to this color family, and for good reason. They're GORGEOUS together and separately, and it's a no brainer to me that I need to wear all these things all the time! And what do you know? These colors happen to pair perfectly with my favorite Burgundy and Midnight Python Keeper! Pop some rose gold on there, and I'm pretty much in love! I even think I love it with leopard... and I am SO not a leopard person! 

Stitch Fix for MEN! 
My husband and I are very different when it comes to shopping. I LOVE shopping. I love trying things on and walking around aimlessly with an armful of clothing until I can make up my mind on what I really want. This was pre-kids though, when I had time and free hands to do said shopping. Now, it's just not that easy to get out to a store, try things on, actually REALLY look in a mirror to see how they look, and pay before a meltdown happens. 

Dan, on the other hand, doesn't so much love all the shopping. Whenever we go to the mall, I'll ask him if he needs new clothes. The answer is almost always yes. Yet, when it comes time to actually look and choose and try on, he doesn't know where to start. Full disclosure, my husband is the first to admit that he used to be SUPER fashionable and put a lot of thought into his clothes. But, alas, adulting and work and son happened, and he just doesn't have the time anymore. 

So we were both REALLY excited when we saw that Stitch Fix is launching a men's collection! I may or may not have been stalking the Stitch Fix page for updates, and when I saw that they would be available on September 21, we got Dan signed up for a Fix to arrive on the 22! This is by far my favorite thing to get in the mail (and really the only thing I've consistently blogged since Henry was born!), so I can't wait to have my male model to blog about too! You can check out my past Fixes here! And you can sign your guy (or yourself!) up for Fixes here (<--referral link - Stitch Fix has an AMAZING referral program!)!

What are you loving for this season? Weigh in below! 


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