Stitch Fix #20: Summer shirts and skinny jeans!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Well, friends, I have to be honest. This is the month that almost made me want to fire my amazing stylist, Serena...

...because if she keeps sending my Fixes like this, I'm going to keep ALL THE THINGS and go broke! If you want to know the secret to getting a TRULY great Fix, it's finding a truly great stylist who understands your style. And Serena, she's my soulmate stylist! (Seriously, please never go, Serena!)

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's talk about Stitch Fix! 

If you don't know about Stitch Fix (<--Referral link!), let me give you a little rundown. Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription service, and you decide how frequently, or infrequently, you'd like a shipment. You'll fill out a detailed style profile about your sizes, style preferences, and budget (and it's super fun to fill out the profile to see what your style preferences are!). Not only does Stitch Fix offer clothing, but they have accessories, bags, and even shoes now! Their maternity Fixes were amazing while I was pregnant, and I've been getting Fixes on the regular just because it's so much easier than toting our sweet one-year-old to the store with me to try things on! 

And, if someone signs up through your referral link, you get a $25 credit to use toward your next purchase! 

I love Stitch Fix because it comes directly to me! This is perfect for seeing if the pieces you receive will work with the pieces you already have. Your Fix also arrives with detailed styling cards to give you ideas of how to wear each item. Each Fix costs $20, but the fee is credited toward anything you decide to keep. When you've decided what you don't want, you simply check out online and mail the items back in the prepaid mailing envelope. If you keep everything, you score a 25% discount! I love that I can work with my current wardrobe to see what will work best with what I already have. 

This Fix was once again styled by my main girl, Serena. I'd asked for great, put together outfits for a work at home momma. Serena's note this time mentioned SPECIFICALLY how she read my last blog and gave me advice on how to style the dress that I wasn't too crazy about (but kept anyway for the discount). What do you know? A brown skinny belt did the trick, and Serena saved the day for a piece I already purchased! She totally goes above and beyond, guys, and I kind of wish I could give her a hug. Is that weird? Maybe! On to the pieces! 

1. Papermoon Rutland Swing Knit Top, $38
This top is so fun! I love the floral pocket detail and the floral trim around the neck. It's super lightweight and perfect for summer, and I really love it paired with black leggings (perfect length to cover the bum!). This normally isn't a color I would ever go for, but I like the light pink for summer! 

2. 41 Hawthorn Shalley Split Neck Blouse, $48 
Now THIS color... this is my jam! I love the coral-y-red color in this top! I love the nautical rope pattern. I love that Serena suggested I can wear it with white jeans OR the white eyelet skirt from my last Fix. I just like the whole thing. Except I think my pose here is a little awkward. But I'll let it slide... because the shirt is adorable! 

3. Unpublished, Gaililee Crochet Overlay Top, $54
Do you see why I might have to fire Serena?! This shirt! THIS! It's just - GAH! It's perfect! I love it with white jeans! I love it with white shorts! I love it all by itself because it has stripes AND lace. It's like all of my favorites in one top! 

4. Papermoon Bart Scoop Neck Blouse, $48
Yet another top I absolutely love! The top is very airy, and I love it for some of the cooler Indiana summer days we've been having! The accent colors on the top are adorable too - brush strokes of pinks, blues, and whites. The color is eerily similar to the color of our bedroom wall... which makes me love it even more because I picked that color (and also, perhaps I can camouflage into the wall in the event I need to hide while I try to eat something from mommy's secret cookie stash?).  

5. Tinsel Kamala Skinny Jeans, $68 
This is the only picture I could use for these pants. Why, you ask? Because my photographer extraordinaire (aka my husband!) kept making fun of my feet and referencing our son's book Waddle with duck. Apparently, I was making duck feet, and then in the other pictures, I was laughing too hard at the duck comments, so, alas, a headless photo. These jeans are a gorgeous olive green color, but I feel like they don't photograph all that well! Dan LOVES these pants, though, and I really liked the stretch factor in them. Plus, they'd be perfect with boots for the fall! 

Alright, friends, what do you think? What are the absolute keepers? What can go back to Stitch Fix land? 

And have you been thinking about trying Stitch Fix at all?! You gotta do it! I feel like shopping is finally fun again! Check it out here! 


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