2016: The summer of the home

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

As a former teacher, I used to treat summers like gold. Not because I got a ton of down time (because there was still a whole lotta teacher stuff that went in to summers!), but because it gave me time to focus. Relax. Rejuvenate. And get something accomplished. 

There was nothing worse, though, than going back to school in the fall and having people ask "What did you do this summer?" Because while they were always so, so busy, I felt like I never had a good answer. 

So when my friend Jerra told me about her themed summers, I knew it was something I wanted to do too! No matter what, when people asked what I did over the summer, I'd have an answer! My last several summers have been varied, awesome, and exciting. 

2009: The summer I ran in to things (I started running!)
2010: The summer I saw things clearly (LASIK eye surgery) 
2011: The summer of all things happy (I worked on being happy mind, body, and soul) 
2012: The summer  I fell all sorts of in love (Dan is the BEST!)
2013: The summer of wedding planning (Self-explanatory) 
2014: The summer I tried not to vomit (Mostly I just tried to get through first trimester without losing it) 
2015: The summer of survival (We had a three-month-old. 'Nuff said.) 

And even though I'm not teaching this year, I still like the idea of having a summer theme - something that at the end of the summer, I can say, "Hey, we accomplished this!" 

This summer, the writing was on the wall for us (yep, I'm dragging Dan in to my theme too!). Our house needs some work, inside and out. The weeds are out of control. The landscaping isn't so much scaped. The clutter has taken over. The closets and basement storage are bursting with things we don't feel like finding places for. 

Summer 2016 is the summer of the home. 

It's no surprise that things have gotten a little bit overgrown. Two summers ago, I was so nauseous, I didn't really do a whole lot. Then we had a baby, and our focus shifted entirely. Yardwork and housework just lost priority. But now, we want to make our house a sanctuary - something that's calming and restful, not stressful and unkept. So this summer is the summer of the home. 

We're starting outside (at least on the nice days!) and working our way in. Part of me just REALLY wants to pay someone to do all our weeding, rock removal, mulching, planting, and landscaping, but I also feel like it'll be a really good experience for all of us. One outside is accomplished, we'll move inward (especially since we can do a lot of it at night or on really hot weather days this summer). I'm equal parts excited and terrified to take on a giant project like this, but I'm hoping the reward will be huge. 

What does the summer of 2016 hold for you? What do you hope to accomplish this year? 


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