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Sunday, April 10, 2016

After my most recent, super successful Stitch Fix (P.S. I kept ALL of it!), I started thinking about paring down my closet. One of the blessings (and curses) of not dramatically changing sizes (with the exception of pregnancy!) since high school means I have a LOT of clothes that still fit. That doesn't mean they're in style anymore, or that I like them anymore, but, gahhhh, they fit, so I have to keep them right? 


Additionally, I have a LOT of work wear that, well, I just don't wear any more. Tons of dress pants, button down shirts, and other teacher-y things. These days, my outfits consist mostly of jeans, yoga pants, leggings, and comfy, functional shirts. And I'm okay with that... but sometimes it makes it hard to justify getting new clothes when we, for the most part, spend time at home and with other moms and kiddos! 

Now when I shop, it has to have a specific purpose in my life. Is it functional for every day use? If not, is it functional to wear to KEEP Collective Socials and events? If not, I just can't justify it right now! 

So, in scouring the web recently for all sorts of necessities (read: Cancun clothes, new, fun pants, shirts that don't need to be nursing friendly!), I've come across a few favorites that I want to share with you today! 

1. Dress Pant Yoga Pants by Betabrand 
You had me at Yoga Pants, but the fact that they're Dress Pants too takes the cake! Betabrand  is this cool, new site I found that's out of San Francisco. Their clothes are co-designed and crowdfunded by their fans, and everything is put in to production within a matter of weeks! The Dress Pant Yoga Pants and Dress Pant Sweat Pants by far have me the most intrigued, and I'm hoping to snag a pair soon! I figure this can justify me getting rid of all of my work dress pants, because, well, yoga pants. Aren't they gorgeous?! 

Seriously, they're necessary for days when I have meetings or need to look professional! 

2. I love Jesus but...
My friend Tiffany actually found these tanks and tees as we were preparing our Cancun packing lists, and these are too good not to share! Dentz Denim has these awesome I love Jesus but... shirts! Here's the one Tiffany picked for our trip - perfect for four days at an all inclusive resort! 

3. LuLaRoe everything
In the event that you've somehow been able to miss it, LuLaRoe is the in thing right now in direct sales businesses! Think boutique shopping but right in your home! They were made famous by their buttery soft, funky patterend leggings, but all LuLaRoe pieces are AMAZING. I'm a sucker right now for the Classic T, and I really want to try out their dresses too! You can't shop online, unfortunately, but you can use their site to find a consultant near you! You can also get added to a whole slew of Facebook groups for LLR designers - and if you're local and wanting to host a Social, I know a few great consultants I can hook you up with! How adorable is this arrow pattern?! 

So now I need to know... have you ever gone through a wardrobe transformation? What are you wearing these days? I always love a good tip! :D 


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