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Monday, April 18, 2016

Today is my 33rd birthday. 33! 33 years of growing, loving, laughing, crying, and learning. I have been so incredibly blessed in my lifetime, and this year in particular, I feel the need to give back. 

Nine months ago, I took a leap of faith and joined KEEP Collective. I knew this business would be a game changer for our family. It's allowed me to stay at home with our sweet son while still having a creative outlet (and fabulous income!) for myself. I've been blessed and honored to help women (and men!) tell their stories and represent what they hold closest to them. KEEP has been so good to me, and deep down, I had a huge itch to give back. 

So when another designer posted her idea to create and donate Chemo Care Pouches this month, I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in too! 

The premise is simple: Customers purchase/sponsor a pouch. They can choose to donate a plain pouch, or, they can add Keys (aka charms!) to their pouch to personalize it a little more (awareness ribbons, a message of believe or faith, a cute little ice cream cone or butterfly charm for kids, etc.). The pouch itself is $29, and the charms range from $7-19, depending on what each person chooses. Once the pouch is purchased, it gets shipped to me. 

Then, I take all of my commissions on the pouches (and more, if necessary) and fill the pouches with things that patients going through chemotherapy might like - coloring books, crossword puzzles, hard candies, chapsticks, scarves, hand sanitizer, hot tea packets, iTunes gift cards... you name it!)! The pouch will have a tag with the name of the sponsor on it, or, it can be an in memory of or in honor of card too! 
At the end of April, I'll be donating these pouches to Memorial Hospital in South Bend. I spoke with the patient care coordinator earlier this month, and she was over the moon excited to know they would be receiving these gifts! I can't wait to deliver them! 

I know these pouches might seem small in the grand scheme of cancer. But if for one minute, we can make someone smile or feel better or know that a total stranger took time out of her day to think about them, that makes it oh so worth it to me! 

So what do you do if you'd like to help? Contact me at AngelaPuttDesigner@gmail.com, or, visit my KEEP website (there's an option to email me through there too!)! We'll choose the items you love most and put them together in a cart. It's really that easy! 

To date, 30 pouches have been sponsored, but my goal is to sponsor 50 or more, and I would LOVE to have your help to get there! 


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