Our baby turns one: Henry's first year

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Somehow, and don't ask me how, I find myself the mother of a one-year-old. I honestly don't know how this happened. I sort of feel like I blinked and we ended up here. One. Our baby is one. And it went so darn fast. 

Being a mom has taught me so much. 

It's taught me to slow down and enjoy the little moments, like when Henry reaches up and touches my face, or when he gives me the sweetest little smile when I go in to pick him up from his nap. 

It's taught me to focus on the things, and people, that really matter and to forget the things that don't. The important things get done. The unimportant things don't. 

It's taught me to see the beauty in learning. I'd be lying if I didn't say that my heart absolutely swells when Henry crawls over to a book and then looks back at me as to say, "Mom, come read this!" 

It's taught me to see a new, amazing side in my incredible husband. I don't tell him enough how wonderful he is and how grateful I am for all that he does for our family. When he looks at Henry, or, when Henry looks at him, it's love. I never knew love was visible until I saw it between them. 

It's taught me to balance, or, at least attempt to find balance. Being a mom doesn't mean doing it all. It means doing what counts. And sometimes, that means taking an extra second for myself (and sanity!) in the morning, or staying up a little late to have some one-on-one time with Dan. 

I can only imagine how we'll feel next year at this time or five years from now at this time, or three decades from now at this time. All I know is being Henry's mom is the greatest thing I've ever done. Like, ever. 

The incredible Kaity Fuja at OMG Photography has documented our first year's journey with Henry. These moments, these pictures, are priceless, and I'm so thrilled we'll always have them to cherish. 


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