Happy New Year! (Thriving in 2016)

Friday, January 1, 2016

A new year always brings so much excitement with it. A fresh start, a chance to try to be a little better, a time to do a little more. 2015 was easily the most amazing and sleep deprived year of my entire life. And so when I started thinking about resolutions, that seemed like a lofty goal. Resolutions feel designed to fail for so many reasons. But I kind of love the idea of having a particular focus. 

I polled my Facebook friends this year and asked if they had to come up with a one-word mantra for 2016, what would it be? Their words were powerful: Inspire. Simplify. Trust. Joy. Words that would be meaningful and rejuvenating all in one! 

And thus, I decided on my word for 2016: Thrive. I toyed around with others: Flourish. Passion. Savor. But I kept coming back to thrive. 

The first year of parenthood is hard. It's wonderful. But it's so flippin' hard. But it's so flippin' amazing too. And I want to do more than simply "survive" it. I want to THRIVE. 

I want to thrive as a mom. I want to be loving and innovative and give Henry good, positive energy. 

I want to thrive as a wife. I want to be loving and strong and supportive and let Dan know I'm the luckiest woman in the world because I got him as a husband. 

I want to thrive in our home. I want to get it organized and decluttered and beautified so that our home becomes a sanctuary and not just a place to put all of the things. 

I want to thrive in my business. I want to work hard and help people tell their stories and support my team and help them achieve their goals too all while working at home. 

I want to thrive as a friend. I want to get back to making the out-of-the-blue phone calls and really making time for the people who matter so much in our lives. 

Generally speaking, I just want to thrive in all things! So where am I starting? 

1. Take a few minutes for yourself every day. 
My sister-in-law got me an awesome journal I'd been looking at on Amazon - Mom's One Line a Day. It's a five year journal where I can record just a sentence or two a day about what Henry is up to. I've always been an avid journaler, but I've stopped in recent years, and I look forward to starting back up, even if just in a small way. I also picked up an awesome daily devotional I'm going to read. Just one or two pages a day - less than five minutes. But it'll be something to make sure I'm thriving first before I spread the thrive around! 

2. Simplifying and organizing. 
Much of my thrive gets sucked in to the daily monotony. Cleaning up. Laundry. Looking for something I need and can't find. So this year I intend to make our home thrive too! I found the Declutter 365 Facebook group and signed up for the mailing list. Each month, the site owner puts out a declutter calendar. Each day's task only takes 15 minutes, but the goal is to have an organized home by the end of the year. I can commit to 15 minutes a day! 

3. Be in the moment. 
A multi-tasker at heart, I'm the queen of trying to do a million things at once. In order to thrive, I'm going to focus on what's in front of me. Live in the moment. Be present. Savor where I'm at. 

Do you have a mantra for 2016? Or a New Year's Resolution you've committed to? Share it in the comments! 


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