Having an eye: Henry's 9 month photos

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

As much as I would like to believe I have an eye for things, I can assure you, I do not. Our home is sorta decorated with some unique interior design ideas. I sorta have some thoughts on how to best display Henry's keepsakes. And while I try to take sweet, artsy pictures of our little man, they often lack the depth and character I hope they would have. 

And that's one of the many, many reasons I'm glad we have the incredible Kaity Fuja of OMG Photography as our family photographer. Because let me tell you - she has an eye! 

For Henry's 9 month photos, we decided to double up and use them as our Christmas card photos too! Kaity suggested we meet at Butler's Tree Farm, and as long time members of the artificial Christmas tree club, we happily followed her suggestion. The farm itself was cute, and PACKED, as it was the first Saturday of the season. Our unseasonably warm fa-winter had given way to a cool and breezy day, but wanting to capture the right look, we'd left our coats in the car (much to the anger of our cold, little hands). 

When we got to the farm, Kaity told us she had a few spots in mind off the beaten path, so we set off for our photos. When we got to a shed that housed logs, Kaity announced that we would be stopping here first. 

Now, I would never doubt Kaity's professional opinion, but my first thought upon stopping there was, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? This is going to be the perfect backdrop?!" But, never one to doubt Kaity's talent and ideas, we went with it. 

And naturally, Henry's pictures turned out like this. 

And this.

And this too.

Because Kaity has an eye that I just never will. She can see a background that looks ordinary, or even drab, and she knows that it's the perfect spot to capture all those expressions and little moments that we'll want to hold on to forever. 

The moral of Henry's 9 month photos is that I'll never doubt Kaity again when she says, "Hey, stand in front of that pile of logs." Because those yucky logs are going to be the most amazing place to show our sweet little man's personality off. And that's exactly what we'd hoped for! 


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