Henry turns six-months-old!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

We took Henry's six-month-old photos a few weeks ago. Our baby is six-months-old. How is this happening? Some days, I just want it all to slow down so I can savor his sweet, toothless smile and his chubby, rubber-band wrists just a little bit longer. I know both of those things will soon be captured in just our memories and our photos. 

We set out to Notre Dame for our six month shoot with OMG Photography. Henry was just getting over his first virus, and, yet again, he became incredibly shy for the cameras. He must know the pressure is on during picture days! I was nervous that we hadn't captured any smiles, and that yet again we would be smile-less at this shoot. 
But Kaity did. She captured the mother of all moments. My husband, bent over, tickling Henry's tummy. Henry, purely happy and smiling his trademark smile. And me, watching the two boys I love most in this world sharing an incredible moment together. 
Kaity captures so much more than just our photos. She captures the admiration I have for my husband now that I get to see him as a father. She captures the pure joy Henry has as he and his daddy have a special moment together. She captures my husband's beautiful connection with our son (no one can make him laugh like daddy can!). She captures our family in its most perfect state: happy and loved and so, so blessed. 

When Kaity sent me this photo, I couldn't help but cry. In my car. In the Michaels parking lot. Because this photo is exactly how I see our family. I just never knew what it looked like with all three of us in it. 
As Henry grows, everything is changing. He's more curious. He's more active. And I know it won't be long before it will be torture for him to sit still and cuddle with his parents. But for this moment, he did, and I am grateful that he gets to be our little baby just a little while longer.


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