What I've learned from my parents 40 year marriage

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ignore my reflection. Focus on the cuteness that hangs on my grandpa's wall.
On Saturday, my parents celebrated 40 years of marriage. FORTY. YEARS. That's a lotta years! And naturally, I'm biased, by my parents are truly the definition of true love. They are supportive, loving, and kind to one another at all times. And in the 32 years I've been alive, I've learned so much from them. I thought their 40th anniversary would be an excellent time to reflect and share some of my favorite lessons from them. Oh, and bust out their beautiful bridesmaid dresses. 
Do things together
Is it a Sunday? I can pretty much guarantee that my parents will be at their favorite store together. It might be a running joke in our family, but I think it's adorable. This is their time together! And it's something they both love to do. And they do it together! Find what it is you like to do, and do it together. If that's a hobby, exercise, or something else entirely, that's great, as long as you do it together. (Hint: Their favorite store rhymes with Nenards). 

Let the little things go
My dad is a defensive driver. My mom is a backseat driver. And yet, they RARELY say anything to one another about this. Because really, does it matter? No. In the words of Elsa, "Let it go." My parents have mastered the art of not nagging one another. This is an art form I need to be attempt more often. 

Hold hands
To this day, my parents still hold hands. They do it when they walk. They do it when they sit. It's natural for them, and it's a sweet way to show affection. A simple hand hold can make the world of difference in someone's day. Hold hands!

Enjoy every moment
No, it won't always be kittens and sunshine, but finding joy in every day together makes for a solid marriage. 


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