On how timing is everything

Saturday, August 15, 2015

This week would have marked the start of my 11th year of teaching. Only, I didn't walk in to the classroom this week. I didn't print an endless amount of first day materials. I didn't come up with fun getting to know you activities. I didn't even put on business casual clothing this week. 

Because this week marks the start of my first school year as a Stay-at-home-mom. I knew it would be hard this week to think about all of my sweet students from last year and how I wouldn't be seeing them pass by my classroom. I felt serious sadness when a few of them tweeted me on the first day of school to say how they'd miss our interactions. And I'm sad that I'm missing those conversations and moments with all the amazing LPHS family. 

But on the first teacher work day this week, my son spiked his first fever. And on the second teacher work day, we were at the doctor. And on the first student day, I held my sweet, sick baby the entire day. 

Signs seem to be everywhere lately for me, and this was just another one. I am absolutely in the right place this year, spending time and getting to know and teach my little boy. It would have been incredibly difficult to be away from him this week, and now I don't have to be. Signs, friends. 

Timing is a funny thing. When it's wrong, it is OH-SO-WRONG, but when it is right, and everything falls in to place, life gets really, really good. 

I've taken on an incredible new venture in to direct sales. I was so nervous when I started, and I worried that perhaps I'd seen the signs wrong. Maybe I'd made a mistake. But two weeks in, business is going so well, I'm making new connections every day, I am blissfully happy, and I get to do it all from home with my son and husband. Does life get any sweeter than that? 

Timing truly is everything. And right now, right now the time is right. 


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