Stuff I'm Loving Saturday #15: My favorite list yet!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

It's the 4th of July, ya'll! The weather in northern Indiana is near perfect this weekend, and we're planning to take advantage of it! We're also celebrating our brand new niece (born July 2) and her big brother too! I love that we now have a nephew AND a niece! 

 There are SO many things I'm loving lately, and I can't wait to share them all with you! Read on to see what my new favorite things are! 

Marcelle Cosmetics Golden Glow BB Cream
Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow
Remember a few years ago when BB creams got super popular? I tried a few, and I could NOT understand what all the fuss was about. What were these things supposed to do?! They didn't do anything for me! But then I met THIS BB Cream in my most recent Birchbox, and now I totally get it! It's light! It's airy! It offers really good coverage! It's absolutely perfect for days I want to look put together without putting on a face full of makeup (because it's summer, people!). This is the perfect addition to my makeup arsenal. 

Latched Mama
Latched Mama
Nursing mommas, this one's for you! Anyone else struggling to find cute nursing tops? Because, we're still nursing quite a bit over here, and I'm pretty sick of the same six Target nursing tops I've been rotating. I stumbled upon this site via Facebook, and ordered a few shirts on a whim. And I'm pretty sure I could LIVE in them forever (see the tank below!). Plus, I ordered on a Tuesday and the clothes were here by Thursday. Of the same week. Amazing! The customer service is amazing, and shipping is only $5! Sold! And one of my favorite things from there is my new...

Nursing necklace
Henry loves to hold on to something when he nurses. And lately it's been my hair. And he pulls. Hard. But now, he's got an awesome teething necklace to hold on to, and it's awesome! He's happy. I'm happy. And fashionable. (See above!)

The did-do list
This is something I read about on a mom blog. The mom was talking about how she was a total to-do list person prior to her baby's birth, but afterward, her list kept getting longer and longer and it made her feel terrible for not getting things accomplished. But then she started making a did-do list -- a list of things she DID do during the day. She treated feeding the baby ten times, emptying the dishwasher, writing three thank you notes, and making dinner as the huge accomplishments they were after having a baby. I LOVE the idea of the did-do list because it allows you to look back at your day to see how much you really did get done. Even if it's only a mental did-do list, it still helps to have something to reflect on at the end of the day. 

Family time
Because really, what's not to love! :D 

What are you loving this Saturday?


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