Stitch Fix #13: A dress, a purse, and a romper, oh my!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Stitch Fix #13 arrived this week! I had a few specific requests for Tan this time around. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. First, let's chat about Stitch Fix. 

If you don't know about Stitch Fix (<-- Referral link!), let me give you a short synopsis. Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription service, and you decide how frequently (or infrequently!) you'd like a shipment. You'll fill out a detailed style profile about your sizes, style preferences, and budget (If nothing else, it's super fun to fill out the profile just to see where your style preferences sit!). 

Then, you decide when you'd like to receive a shipment! Stitch Fix will send you five clothing and/or accessory pieces to try on in the comfort of your own home. This is perfect for seeing if the pieces you receive will work with pieces you already have. Your Fix also arrives with detailed styling cards to give you ideas of how to wear each item. Each Fix costs $20, but that fee is credited toward anything you decide to keep. When you've decided what you don't want, you simply check out online (you have three days to do so) and mail the items back in the prepaid mailing envelope. If you keep everything, you score a 25% discount. I love that I can work with my current wardrobe to see if the new pieces will match anything I already have! 

And, if someone signs up through your referral link, you get a $25 credit to use toward your next purchase! I love this service because it really gets me out of my fashion comfort zone (which lately consists of yoga pants and nursing tank tops!). 

As a side note, I also really love Stitch Fix's customer service. My Fix arrived the same day my grandpa passed away last week. I emailed them explaining what happened and asked if they'd be willing to give me two extra days until I could get some time and energy to figure out what I wanted. They emailed me back immediately and told me to take an extra WEEK. So, so kind of them!

This Fix was styled again by Tan, and she did an amazing job of meeting my requests. This time around, I asked for something with a scalloped detail (I love the look, but don't own anything with it!), a potential new purse, and a romper because I've been really wanting to try one! 

And now I need your help. What, dear friends, do you like the best? (Also, note the fabulously orange photos below because clearly these photos were taken in our basement. After a long day. While our son was magically asleep.)

1. Urban Expressions Marsha Bowler Satchel Bag ($54) 
I'm getting pretty desperate for a new purse since I was still using the one I was sent in 
April of 2014! I asked Tan to include one in this Fix, and she sent this one made by the same company as the previous bag. I like the color (kind of a pinky-tan) because I think it could work in any season, and the hardware is almost a rose gold, which I love. What I'm unsure about is the size (see dress photo below!). These days, I'm typically carrying a diaper bag along with my purse, and this is kind of a large bag. On the flip side, I could probably tuck a diaper and pack of wipes in this purse if we're just making a quick trip and skip the diaper bag completely at times. AND, it has a strap so I can wear it cross body, giving me an extra free hand. My husband thinks I'm convincing myself to like it because I want a new purse. What do you think? 

2. Dear John Kyleigh Straight Leg Jean ($78)
3. Daniel Rainn Marconi Embroidered Bib Top ($58)
These jeans are fabulous and fit like a glove... when they're cuffed! But when they're not cuffed, they're really kind of too short for me, especially since they're a straight leg jean. So... will I wear cuffed jeans enough? That is the REAL question here. What do you think?

The top is a GORGEOUS shade of blueish-green, and I love that it's nursing friendly, but I think the silhouette is wrong for me. It just sort of... hangs there, and it might be a little too boho for my tastes. This one is headed back! 

4. Everly Dixon Scallop Trim Dress ($64)
Oh, hi. I kind of love this dress. I've been wanting something with a scallop detail for so, so long, and this is beautiful. I love the neckline and the v in the back. And I wish so, so much that we had a summer wedding because this would be perfect! I don't really have a specific occasion to wear this too, but I'm honestly contemplating keeping it anyway because at some point I'll need it, right? 

5. Pixley Frida Romper ($68)
Oh, friends. I wanted to try a romper because I've never actually worn one before. Yeah, these do not flatter me. The pattern is super cute, but I just don't think I can actually pull this off. (To be fair, I actually like it in the picture better than I liked it on me in real life!) The top half is cute, but the bottom half... billows. 

So what do I do? Keep the dress? The bag? The jeans (and always leave them cuffed)? I just don't know. Weigh in and help me decide! 


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