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Monday, May 25, 2015

It's the last day of Memorial Day weekend. Our family room floor is covered in baby toys. We're tripping over Rock n Plays and diaper bags in the kitchen. I have four more loads of laundry to get through. The bathrooms all need a thorough scrub down. I haven't run in two weeks. And I've been meaning to bake for our new neighbors since they moved in... a month ago. 

But none of that really matters as long as I get time with my family. 

I've always been a big family person. I'm annoyingly close with my parents (so much so that I think in high school I would have been perceived as a total loser to my peers if they knew how much I loved spending time with my mom and dad), and I now love doing EVERYTHING with my husband and son ("You're taking the trash out? We'll go with you!" (Okay, maybe not everything...!)). So when there's an opportunity to spend time with our families, we're absolutely going to take it. 

This weekend was a perfect family weekend. As a family of three, we spent the last two mornings on walks together. Henry slept, and Dan and I got a chance, a REAL chance to talk to one another without handing a baby back in forth or losing our trains of thought from sleep deprivation. We had a barbecue at Dan's parents and spent time with Dan's sister's family (soon-to-be family of four!). 

And, super coolest of all, Henry got to meet his other great grandfather (he met great grandpa G about a month ago). Henry is blessed with two great grandfathers and a great grandmother (she'll be here in September, and I can't wait to introduce her to the next generation of Putts!). Neither Dan or I had any great grandparents alive when we were born, so we're thrilled that Henry has so many who love him! Great Grandpa was accompanied by my aunt, uncle, cousin Chris, and his wife Mary. And they also brought with them the most amazing painting from my aunt Doris... a gift for Henry's nursery! 
 Great Grandpa Saoud (94), Grandpa Saoud (61), Mommy (32), and Henry (3 months)
Getting to know one another
Chris, Mary, and Henry
Henry's amazing animals!
There's nothing in the world better than family, and if you're blessed with a good one, please take a minute to let them know. Too often we forget to tell them how much we love them, and we all need to take advantage of that opportunity! 

So let the laundry pile up. Forget cleaning the showers. Use paper plates if you run out of clean china. But never take for granted that time with the family. It's the most special thing in the whole world. 


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