Stuff I'm loving Saturday #13: Wonder Weeks, Interval Jazzercise, and so much more!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's been a busy few weeks here in South Bend, but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. We celebrated our first anniversary, my first Mother's Day, and Henry turning three-months-old. And today is an awesome day of volunteering with Girls on the Run, celebrating our soon-to-be niece, and seeing my awesome students at the prom! 

So many wonderful things I'm loving right now, and I want to share them with you before the weekend gets away from me! 


I used to be an avid journal keeper. From middle school through even much of my adult life, I have kept a journal. I stopped, to my great misfortune, just before meeting Dan (I wish so much I could go back to see what my thoughts were in those first few months... but I'm pretty sure even then I knew he would be my lifelong guy). I started journaling again when I found out I was pregnant with Henry, and I've kept it up since. I love keeping track of his milestones and moments in words, and I hope someday I can share this journal with him! 

The Wonder Weeks App

Have a new baby or having a baby soon? This is a must download app. Wonder Weeks is the idea that not only do babies have physical growth spurts but mental ones too (the app calls these Leaps). It runs $1.99 for iPhone, and it's a fabulous reference for days when Henry seems off. He's currently in Leap 3 and is learning how to navigate patterns and smooth transitions. The schedule has been right on for him, and it's been nice to know there's a reason for cranky behavior! 

Interval Dance Mixx

Image result for jazzercise interval
One of Jazzercise's two new formats is this awesomely challenging HIIT workout. We toggle between the top if the aerobic curve and the bottom, and I'm loving it! I feel like my heart rate doesn't come down until the end if class, and that means I'm maximizing calorie burn! I'm excited at the new direction Jazzercise is on (oh, and you can get excited too by trying any class at any location nationwide for FREE during May! Pick a class and go!)!

New Pinterest recipes
One Pot Gnocchi with Spinach and Chicken - super easy and delicious! I omitted the mushrooms and added peas. The best part was I had all the ingredients on hand! Will be making again!
Mmmm, gnocchi. Thanks, Chew Out Loud for the awesome recipe!
I pin a lot of different recipes on my Pinterest boards, and I've been trying to make some new ones lately! My new favorites are this ridiculously easy Brown sugar bourbon glazed crock pot chickenRavioli with asparagus and walnuts, and this one pot Chicken gnocchi with spinach. I've made all of these recipes since Henry was born, which means they're super easy and super quick to throw together (and, bonus, we mostly have the ingredients on hand at all times!)!

Girls on the Run
I've had this on my list before, but it needs to be on there again! I LOVE GOTR! The organization empowers girls and shows them what they're capable of, and there's nothing better than seeing those smiles as the little ladies cross the finish line and get their medals!

So tell me, what are YOU loving this week?


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