Capturing our family growth: OMG shows off 3-month-old Henry!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I can't believe our son is three months old. Cliche as it might sound, time is absolutely flying, and Henry is changing every day. 

Everything has changed about Henry since he was born. He can hold his neck up now. He rolls over from belly to back (really gracefully, actually). He smiles and blows bubbles. He looks for me and his daddy when we enter or leave the room. His legs have taken on that baby chunk. He loves to stand up (holding our hands) and fly around like an airplane on daddy's arm. He gives me open mouthed kisses and then smiles afterward. He is growing in to the person he's going to be. 
And some days, I'm so sleep deprived, I forget to see all of it. And that's exactly why I want to document as much of this as I can. I keep reminding myself that Henry is only going to be this age for such a short time, and as much as I might want to keep him little, he's changing every day. But I can freeze his growth in these photos, and that makes my heart happy. 

As we continue growing in to our family of three, I love watching our relationships grow and change. My husband and I are closer than before (but, naturally, our patience are also thinner due to lack of sleep), and I'm loving the marriage we're growing in to. Watching Henry and Dan together makes me so incredibly happy. Seeing how Henry looks at him is utterly adorable, and it makes me feel overwhelming contentment. I love that I have two boys in my life now. And of course, I have loved growing in to the role of Henry's mommy. All the cuddles (even the middle of the night ones!), all the sweet moments where he looks up at me, all the moments where he's making a new face, or noticing something for the first time -- I have an overwhelming need to capture it all. That way, when I'm not sleep deprived later on in life, I can look back on this time and remember all these little things. 

OMG Photography captures all of this. Kaity photographs those little details - the little way Henry's eyes light up and the way Dan and Henry connect to one another... even those precious little bubbles Henry blows. All of this is photographed so that in case my memory fails, I have these visual reminders. I'll remember how big he was, the face he made the first time he sat in the grass, and the 

And this is how we know Kaity is a phenomenal photographer. Henry didn't smile once during his 3-month session. Not. One. Smile. And yet, Kaity captured his happiness. She even knelt down in goose poop to do it and get those shots. THAT is going to extra lengths!
As our family grows, the importance of these family photos grows too. I want to remember every moment of this, especially when I'm not sleep deprived and can look back and really enjoy these images. 

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