Putting together a nursery you love... Regardless of what Pinterest showcases

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

When we first started thinking about our gender neutral nursery, I went a little Pinterest crazy. I pinned no less than 20 gorgeous nurseries before reality set in. 

In fact, our nursery would not be 1,000 square feet. It would not have gorgeous vaulted ceilings with fabric drapings. And hardwood floors with fabulous throw rugs weren't happening either. 

Once I got over my nursery fantasies, I got down to really thinking what we'd want hanging when the baby came. I knew I wanted the baby's name on display (a Pinterest idea I can actually use!), and I knew I wanted to have a fun reading area. And while the room is by no means done, here's what we've cooked up so far. 

Henry's name:
I absolutely LOVE how the letters look on the wall! These large, white letters were on sale at Michaels. Originally, I planned to paint them white and blue chevron, but once we hung them on the wall, I really just loved them the way they were! I think they turned out really sweet, and I can't wait to adorn that wall with some other items! 

Book area
I love this KidKraft bookshelf because it's slim enough to fit near the door without being obtrusive. Above it, I hung an awesome print I found on clearance at Target. It's a sweet bookshelf with all Dr. Seuss books on it! So cute, and perfect for a reading area. 

On the door is an amazing baby wreath made by my coworker, Ashley. She's also the genius behind the amazing baby binder I blogged about earlier. So sweet! 

Photo collage
One of the many free Shutterfly offers I got after having baby included a 16x20 print. I put together a collage of Henry's newborn pictures, and after paying shipping and handling, it arrived! I couldn't love it any more, and I love looking at it when I change my growing boy. It's hard to remember he was ever that small! Bonus: The frame was on super sale at Michaels, and I picked it up for under $8! 

We still have a ways to go to get the room fully decorated, but I've learned some really valuable lessons along the way. 

Do choose things you like. 
Clearly there's really not one cohesive theme here. I love a good themed nursery, but I feel like this one is more us. I like having variety and displaying the things that we love. This room makes me super happy, and it feels homey. 

Do think long term. 
I was hesitant to do a lot of decorating with things that wouldn't transfer in to future bedrooms. I love the look of some baby nurseries, but that will only last so long. If we keep Henry in this room long-term, we can easily use or transition the decorations.

Do add personal touches. 
The photos make me so happy. And I don't want them to just live on our computer! Now I get to see them daily (blog post to come about decorating with our fantastic baby photos!)! 

Don't go overboard. 
I like that we still have open space to add other touches later. I still have a few more wall hangings to put up, and I'm thinking some floating shelves too. But I'm glad we're pacing the room decoration so that we can really decide what we want and not overwhelm the space. 

What are some of your favorite things to see in a nursery?


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