One foot in front of the other: My first solo post-baby run!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I know what you're thinking. Wait, she's actually writing about running on the running blog?! I know! Insane, isn't it? But it's true! 

Yesterday morning, my husband was heading in to work a little late, and I thought there would be no day like April Fools to make a fool out of myself running around the block! 

Prior to this outing, I've been doing a little working out at home. I got cleared for workouts last Friday, and since then, I've been using our elliptical and going through some Jazzercise routines. But with the sun shining, it seemed like the perfect day to head outside. 

I told myself to go in with zero expectations. I wanted to run somewhere between one and three miles, and I wasn't worried about the pace. And what I ended up with was this! 

It's definitely not my fastest, but I ran it! I took a few walk breaks, and it was definitely a struggle at moments, but I'm really glad to be back at it. I think it was smart not to set expectations for the run... there can't be disappointment that way. 

Today, my hips are killing me (I guess my post-run stretches we're NOT enough), so the goal is to get those worked out. I'm realizing I can't just jump back up to my normal amount of workouts right away, so today will mostly be a rest day. I'm hoping to get another little run/walk in tomorrow, and I'm scheduled to take a Barre class on Saturday, so that will be a major butt kicking! And I'm back to Jazzercise as of Monday! I can't wait to visit with all our students -- I've missed them! 


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