10 totally random things I love

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Being awake in the middle of the night gives me a lot of time to think. And sometimes I end up thinking about all the random things I love (because, even in the middle of the night, life is incredibly good!). Today, I'm sharing those things with you! 

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1. Over medium eggs. Ever since Runaway Bride, I've given a lot of thought to what my favorite eggs are. These are my preferred kind of egg because there's still enough runny yolk making them dippable for toast, but they don't run all over the plate! 

2. Picking out outfits the night before. This definitely happened more when I was working (right now, the big question is which yoga pants to wear), but I loved waking up already knowing what I was wearing the next day. It made it a lot easier to accessorize too!

3. Bargains. I mean, who doesn't love a bargain? But I get a small thrill knowing I've saved a boatload of money on something. Groceries, clothing, baby gear, it really doesn't matter if I've saved money! (Hip2Save. Follow them on Facebook. Like it. Save money. Feel good.) Yesterday, I wanted Dan to pick up milk at the grocery store. We don't need milk. But it was FREE!
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4. Starbucks gift cards. I adore a good latte, but shelling out $5 for a cup of deliciousness is still hard to stomach. Gift cards make picking up a beverage feel more like a treat and less like a drain on the wallet. 

5. Beat up slippers. I've had the same pair of beat up slippers for, I don't know, seven years now. They're the super dorky kind with a hard soled plasticky bottom and faux fur lining on the inside. They look terrible. But, they fit my feet perfectly. And I love them!

6. Running clockwise. Whenever I run my neighborhood (which, essentially, goes in a big loop), I always run it clockwise. I have no idea why. But it's habit now, so I keep doing it. Ironically, when I run other loops, I tend to go counter-clockwise. Again, why? I have no idea!

7. Drive-thrus. Since having a baby, I adore drive thrus. Not having to lug Henry in everywhere we go is amazing. I wish everything had a drive thru... grocery stores, post offices, nail salons, etc.

8. Middle of the night online shopping. My husband thinks I'm nuts, but my favorite time to do shopping is in the middle of the night... Online, of course! This started prior to Henry being born, but now that I'm up pretty consistently twice a night with him, I have a chance to do it on a regular basis! I'm definitely not a shopping addict, but I LOVE cruising the sales listed on Hip2Save (Seriously, this is the second time I've mentioned it this post. Follow them!) or placing an order on Amazon for things we need for home! I've scored a ton of awesome deals on clothes for Henry, organizational tools for our home, and even some Father's Day gifts I have stowed away! 
9. Baby-wearing. I suppose this isn't TOTALLY random, but I wasn't sure if I was going to like wearing Henry before he was born. But now, I absolutely LOVE it! I can wear him, he goes almost immediately to sleep, and we can move around the house together getting things accomplished. Like this blog post. Because I'm wearing him right now! We love the Boba so far, and I can't wait to use our Ergo carrier too! 
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10. Cranberry wine from Round Barn. Because yes. 


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