What's in the (diaper) bag?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Before having Henry, I had a lot of big questions. They essentially all revolved around being a good parent and doing the best we could by Henry. These questions still exist, but I've noticed SO many smaller questions popping up since he arrived. 

One of the biggest questions I had post-birth was what items needed to be in the diaper bag. I mean, I understand that diapers are a good idea, but I didn't know what else to add! Now that we've had some time to adjust and some outings to practice with, I've come up with a list of essentials that absolutely must be in the bag! 
So organized (for the moment)!

To begin, let's talk about the gorgeous monogrammed diaper bag from Courtney Bock Designs! I ordered this prior to Henry's birth and wanted to keep it gender neutral so that I could use it again with future babies (if we're blessed with more). Therefore, I chose just a monogrammed P in a gorgeous mint green (mint, gray, and lavender have been my colors of choice since our wedding!). I absolutely LOVE that this bag is roomy enough to hold everything we need, but stylish enough to add some spunk to my outfits! And, I think I could use it later as just more than a diaper bag!

From left to right, here are the other items that are must haves in my diaper bag.

Lanolin: A must have for breast feeding mommas, this tiny tube came in a package of three. A gift from my godmother Diane, I love that I don't have to remember to take my large tube with me! 

Pacifier wipes: These are perfect for those moments when your little one chucks his pacifier on a mucky store floor and then screams when it's not immediately back in his mouth! I'd rather wash it, but these work wonderfully in a pinch! 

Reusable changing pad: My diaper bag came with this adorable polkadot pad! 

Diaper rash cream: Knock on wood, we've been diaper rash free so far, hence why ours is still in the box. But, I don't want to be without it if we need it later! 

Toy: Distraction tool. 'Nuff said. 

Blankie: We've been carrying a thick, warm blanket with us on the car seat, but I like having a back-up blankie with us too. This gray and white lightweight fleece one can be used as a playmat, burp cloth, breastfeeding cover, changing pad... The possibilities are endless! 

Back-up pacifiers: Again, necessary. 

Wipes and diapers: Since this is the primary function of the bag, I'm glad we have them! Note: Always pack more than you think you need, and always keep the bag stocked! 

Extra outfits: Our extra outfits consist of a short-sleeved onesie, a long-sleeved sleeper, and a little teeny hat, just in case. Bonus: I would also consider adding a pair of scratch mittens if, like us, you have a little one who likes to have his hands by his face! 
Not pictured
Disposable changing mats: We've yet to need to use these, but I LOVE this concept! These disposable changing pads will be perfect for times when the changing table looks less than savory. I love these for things like trips to the mall, the zoo, or a day at the park. Use it and toss it without dirtying your reusable changing pad!

Burp cloth: Ours was, ahem, in used condition at the time of the photos. But, also a must have for the bag! 

Hand sanitizer: Mine is currently in my purse, but I love those tiny Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers for the diaper bag! Again, if you're ever without water, it's nice to get clean-ish hands after a diaper change!

What other necessities do you keep in your diaper bag? I would love to know if you find anything else to be a must have!


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