The importance of capturing precious moments

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

**This blog originally appeared as a guest post for OMG Photography. 

As I write this, my husband, Dan, is pacing around the kitchen with our two-week-old sleeping son. How has he been here for over two weeks? Time is already flying, and it makes me both excited and sad to see him growing and changing. 

Already he is different. His cheeks are starting to fill out, and the child who refused to unfurl from a little ball in the hospital now stretches out leisurely during feedings and naps. His once always sleepy eyes now look around in alertness when he hears noises or voices he recognizes. 

He's still our sweet newborn, but he's changed so much already. 

And this is why Dan and I decided very early on that we wanted to capture these moments in photos. Try as we might, we know it will be difficult twenty years from now or ten years from now or even a year from now to remember what our precious Henry looked like as a newborn. We'll struggle to conjure up that image of how he fit perfectly in the crook of our arms, and we'll push ourselves to remember the series of faces he makes now (like the grumpy one I love so much!). I can't imagine looking back months or years down the line and not having those photos to greet us. I want to be able to show Henry what he looked like as a baby and show him how much he's grown. 
So while I'm happy to let these moments live forever in our memories, I'm even happier that we'll have these moments live forever in images too. It's too true what they say -- these moments go way too fast, and we intend to capture every one that we can. 

OMG Photography did such an amazing job of capturing all of the things we love about our son. His sweet little faces, stretches, and personality all came shining through in Kaity's photographs. We feel so lucky and blessed to have these photos in our collection, because I know we will cherish them forever. 

Our first professional family photo together is one I will cherish always. I adore the cascading love in this picture - husband to wife, parent to child. This perfectly captures our family love. 
Seeing our son in my husband's arms fills my heart with joy. These two boys are the most important people in my life, and this photo perfectly captures their bond. I also love how Henry has his hands up by his face (I don't want to forget that this is his favorite arm placement!)!
Henry's almost smile in this picture just exudes innocence and joy. He looks perfectly content (despite being mildly fussy that day!), and I love that it also captures special blankets from our friends. Our little man doesn't smile regularly yet, but this is a great sneak peek of what he'll look like when he does! 


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