Summer bodies are made in the winter: Work it out now!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Oh, winter. You are certainly rearing your ugly head here in the Midwest (and I'm sure elsewhere too!). We got about 16 inches of snow yesterday alone, and it's still continuing to flurry outside now. Normally I would have at least helped out with some of that shoveling, but being nine months pregnant means I get a pass this year! 

One of my Facebook friends posted this quote the other day, and it's the inspiration behind today's blog post: Summer bodies are made in the winter. It's so true! But it can also be SO hard to convince yourself to move your body in the winter when all really want to do is cuddle up with something (or someone!) cozy and hibernate

Just a few reasons that it's a great idea to workout in the winter!  
Working out...
  • lifts your mood (and we could ALL use that!)
  • makes you more agile for when you have to walk somewhere on ice 
  • fights colds
  • strengthens your heart and bones
  • increases energy and endurance
  • sends oxygen to cells
  • lessens fatigue
Now, I realize nothing I say here is probably going to chance your mind about working out. I don't necessarily expect you to start a workout regimen just because I said you should. But what I AM hoping is that you'll spend a little more time moving so that in four or five months, you can be really glad you did! 

These are some of my favorite SHORT workouts that I've seen lately. My late pregnancy workouts have been VERY different from my earlier pregnancy workouts, and I'm hoping you'll like them to! 

1. This Lazy Girl's Arm Workout video from PopSugar Fitness means you can sit down the entire time! A workout where I don't have to stand up? Sold! All you need is a set of hand weights. 

2. This awesome Couch Workout will also keep you cozy on the couch! No real equipment required -- but you will need a pillow! Try it in between episodes of whatever you're watching on Netflix. 

3. If you're looking for some cardio, walk (or run if you'd like!) your stairs at home. In sets of ten, head down and up your stairs. After ten sets, grab a set of hand weights and work some biceps, triceps, and pecs. Hit the stairs again for ten more sets. Repeat as many times as you'd like (or as many times as you have time for!). 

4. Pop in any workout DVD, check out OnDemand, or Google 20-minute workout videos. When you find one you like, do it! Anything from walking to yoga to high impact aerobics will get the blood pumping and make you feel better! 

Make time to make YOU a priority this winter. And get working on that summer body, because, believe it or not, summer IS coming! 

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