Hospital 101: Things I wish I had known going in

Sunday, February 22, 2015

While gearing up for labor and delivery, I did a LOT of research. I read accounts online. I grilled (nicely) my best friends about their experiences. I joined a mommy-to-be group on Facebook for fitness minded moms so I could ask questions of those who had been there before (or, were in the same boat as me). I read blogs. I used Pinterest. 

And yet, truly, nothing can really prepare you for the experience. 

Today, I pass on some of the things I didn't read about anywhere else on to you so that you'll know these things when you head to the hospital. 

After labor, everything will hurt. If you're pushing for any length of time, there's a good chance you're going to hurt afterward. My face, neck, and shoulders hurt from pushing so hard. Be prepared. And this leads us to the next item... 

You may pop capillaries in your face. Yep, I did that. Right around my eyes, especially. Don't say I didn't give it my all to push Henry out! 

Take your own towel. I'd seen suggestions to take your own pillow and your own shampoo/conditioner/soap (it's not a hotel after all!). But no one warned me about this! You're going to be sore and tired and taking your first shower post birth will feel like a million bucks. And then you'll get out of the shower and pick up something approximately the size of a hand towel, and that'll be what you're supposed to use to dry off. Save yourself the trouble, and take your own towel. 

Hospital breakfast is the best meal of the day. Load up. The first meal I ate in the hospital was breakfast. This was about two hours after giving birth. I think I ordered one of everything on the menu. And it was maybe the most delicious meal of all time. They do breakfast right (and they do everything else okay!). Order a lot! And enjoy it! 

If you get the hospital photos taken, you will buy them. Know that. We had already lined up our baby photographer for the first year (the FABULOUS Kaity Fuja and OMG Photography), but I still agreed to have hospital photos taken. Yeah, you'll be a goner once you see your baby's photos for the first time. So, despite having newborn pictures already lined up, we bought the hospital pics too. Be prepared. And think ahead if you want special outfits too. :) 

Take everything you can. I'd read this before, but it's worth saying again -- take everything you can. Diapers! Wipes! Baby hat! Pads! After care products for momma! Take them all. You will want them. You will need them. You will use them. If you're lucky, you'll have an amazing nurse like us (her name was Gino!) who will notice that you're running "low" on baby diapers (we had, like 12 left in the pack of 20), and she'll bring you another one opened so you have to take it when you go. You're paying for those items! Take them! 

Take thank yous for the nurses. If you have an experience like us, your nurses will be lifesavers those first few days. Love them. Cherish them. Take them cookies. Or candy. Or, in the event of an almost state of emergency being declared in your county, a lot of coffee and maybe a giant truck or SUV to get them to and from work. 

**When you get home, you're going to want onesies with the built in hand mittens. Just forget all the other onesies. You want the ones with the built in hand mittens, because the little tiny mittens you buy will NOT stay on the hands. It's the best way we've found to prevent face scratching! :D


  1. Great tips!
    I had Gino one night as well--she is wonderful!

    1. Truly the best! I loved the staff at Memorial!


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