Find your happy space: Perfecting your blogging environment

Monday, January 19, 2015

As we've been spending time lately reorganizing our home, I've been perfecting my blogging area. I'm sure some bloggers prefer to work in a home office, but since our home office now doubles as a weight room, it's just not as cozy as it used to be. So lately I've been coming up with and writing my favorite posts from the couch in our sitting room. 

I adore this spot so much because I have everything I need - comfy couch, super cute decorative pillow (it reads "Happiness is a cup of coffee & a really good book), coffee table/foot rest for swollen feet, and our front window for natural light. I usually have a cup of coffee or tea nearby, and I can let the creative juices roll. 

But we're all different. So, when you're thinking about your blogging area, a few important points to consider. 

1. Find a spot where you feel totally comfortable. Consider what you want in a work space. Do you want a table to work on? A desk? Are you more of a lap person? Do you want to be able to sink in to a chair or couch? Think about what feels best to you. Try different areas to see where you do your best work. For me, having the window next to the couch makes me feel like I'm connected to the outside world even when I'm stuck inside. It's necessary for me. :) 
2. Make sure you have everything you need before you sit down. Keep your supplies on hand. I can't blog without a mug of something hot (bring on the hot chocolate tonight!), my water bottle, and my cell phone (because I need my WordSwag app to make all my cool word art!). If I don't have these things nearby, I'm more likely to get up, wander away, and get distracted by other things in our house. Keep those distractions at bay! 

3. Try to have an idea in mind before it's time to blog. Rarely do I just sit down at the computer and hope something comes to me. It just doesn't work that way for me. So I keep an ongoing file of ideas for days when my blogging brain just isn't working. It makes that time on the couch MUCH less frustrating! 
4. Surround yourself with things you love. Cozy pillows? Check! Bright colors? Check! Beautiful giant windows? Check and check. These are my must haves for successful blogging. Put items in your space that you love! For me, I sit directly across from our shelf covered with pictures, candles, friendship sayings, and happily ever after reminders. They make me happy, and when I'm happy, my posts are better! 


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