Building our neutral nursery

Saturday, January 24, 2015

When Dan and I found out we were expecting, surprisingly, we agreed right away that we did not want to know the sex of the baby. I don't know why, honestly, and anyone who knows me will tell you how surprising it is that I, a TOTAL type-A planner, was willing to wait nine months to make a lot of decisions on colors and names and clothing. But for some reason, I just really wanted this to be a surprise, and so did Dan!

So when it came time to decorate Baby P's room, we knew we wanted to keep the palette very neutral. I've had an obsession with gray ever since we were planning our wedding (we chose gray tuxes over black), and I liked how we could accent with colors like coral, mint, pink, or blue once we knew the sex of the baby. We quickly decided on gray and white for the main motif, and then the real fun began! 

I wish I had a "real" before picture, because the real before picture would have showed the two-toned walls split up by a border of construction-type trucks. The border would have been perfect if we have a boy, but I didn't really love it for a little girl! So, the first photos I have are when we had primed the room and put the first coat of paint on. 
From there, we added a second coat of paint, and decided we really loved the color! We went with a light gray that actually ended up having a little more of a blue undertone than we were anticipating, but once we added furniture and curtains, I think it turned out beautifully! 
Once the room was painted, we started moving in! And today, the room looks something like this! 
Notice that AMAZING diaper stockpile in the corner there?! Are we lucky, or what?! 

Additionally, many of baby's drawers contain items we'll need the first few weeks. 
Top left drawer: Diapers, wipes, cream for baby's booty
Top middle drawer: Swaddle sleep sacks, hats, socks, and baby booties
Top right drawer: Hooded towels, wash cloths, extra changing pad covers
Middle left drawer: Swaddle blankets, soft amazing blankets and sleep sacks
Middle right drawer: Short sleeve onesies (rolled on the left hand side), long sleeve onesies and pants (middle), and long sleeve/pant outfits (rolled on the right side)
We also have one of the diaper bags packed and ready to go (this one will be for daddy!). And we've set up one of our diaper caddies that can be moved around the house so that we won't have to always run the baby to his/her room in order to get changed. 
I can't show you the closet yet (because, duh, I had to hide all of the stuff somewhere!), and we haven't done anything with our wall hangings yet because we're waiting until we know names to make those part of the decor too. But, those posts will be coming soon! 


  1. So gorgeous, Ang! I love it. Baby P will be arriving in style. <3

    1. Thanks, Shan! I can't wait to get some decorating done once s/he arrives! Thrilled with the way it's looking so far, though!


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