And the Jamberry winner is...!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm SUPER excited to announce the winner of the Jamberry giveaway! If you haven't already liked Lindsay's Jamberry page, you're definitely going to want to so that you can keep updated on all the awesome Jamberry styles and news happening! 

So, before we get to the winner, these were my nails on the last day of the challenge: 
My actual nails were a total mess by the end of the 7th day (it seriously took everything in me to not take the polish off early!), but the Jamberry nails were still going strong (if not just slightly outgrown, thanks to a hefty dose of prenatal vitamins!). I really love the Jamberry nails, and there's no comparison -- they just work (and look!) better! 

Now on to the winner! 

I took all entries and wrote them on a piece of paper (sparkly paper, naturally). 
Then, I went to the website random.org and entered the terms 1-8. And the winner is... 
Tabitha, you're the winner of the First Frost Jamberry nails! I will be in touch soon to take care of mailing these pretty little things to you! 

If you didn't win, take heart, there's still a chance to order! Check out all the amazing spring Jams, and get yours today! Major special thanks to Lindsay for sponsoring this awesome contest! If you have any questions (or want to score one of the samples!), please reach out to me or Lindsay! 

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  1. Congratulations, Tabitha! And thank you so much, Angela! If anyone still needs to try a sample or has any questions, please let me know!



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