A Jamberry review, and, even better, a Jamberry giveaway!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jamberry nail on ring finger, along with GIANT fake bling ring since I'm swollen and my rings don't fit anymore!
Lately, I feel like it's come up a lot in conversations. "Have you heard of Jamberry?" "I like your nails. How'd you make that design?" "My friend keeps talking about those nail stickers." 

And maybe you've been hearing about them too! So when my college friend Lindsay reached out to me about trying Jamberry, I was totally game! Lindsay recently became a Jamberry consultant and is really excited to share her business with all of you! 

In the event that you haven't heard of Jamberry, let's do a little recap. According to Lindsay, "Jamberry Nail wraps are a fashionable, budget-friendly way to get professional-looking nails right at home.  They are vinyl adhesive wraps that are heat-activated and pressure-sealed to the nail.  They last up to two weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes, and they do not chip!  And if that wasn't enough, they are also non-toxic, vegan, gluten-free, latex-free, cruelty-free, and made in the U.S.A.  On top of all of the other benefits, they are FUN and come in over 400 designs, plus a Nail Art Studio where you can design your own.

To round out their focus on nail care, Jamberry also offers a quality lacquer line that is free of the 5 most dangerous chemicals in traditional nail polish, the Indulgence hand care line that is luxurious and free of parabens, a Beauty Boost multivitamin with biotin for hair, skin, and nails, an application kit with everything you need to apply the wraps, and a mini-heater."
Lindsay graciously offered to send me a set of Jamberry to try so I could feature them on the blog (AND, she sent me another set so that I could do a giveaway for you!)! I decided to do the 7-Day Chip Challenge so that I could show you the difference between a Jamberry nail wrap and a regular polish. 

The set I chose is called Cherry Ice, a super sparkly reddish pink that will be perfect for Valentine's Day! 
On Day 1 (today), I watched the video on Lindsay's Jamberry page, and applied the nails just like the video showed. I had asked Lindsay for some tips on getting the tips to stay down (that's been my struggle the other two times I've applied them), and she had some great advice. I can't explain it nearly as well as she did, so I'm copying her answer here!

"I cut and remove the wrap, holding it with tweezers (to avoid any oils from my hands getting on the adhesive) and heat the wrap for around 5 seconds.  If I am using a metallic or sparkle wrap, I give it extra heat and make sure it is nice and flexible.  Then I press onto my nail and rub with my fingers and/or cuticle pusher, adding extra heat as needed.  Hold on to the excess and stretch it over the tip of your nail a bit.  This really helps seal the tips!  Then I cut off a lot of the excess, but I don't yet file.  I start with my pinky on one hand and work my way to my thumb.  After I have finished all five, then I got back and file.  By letting the wraps cool a bit, you help make sure the seal will stay better (thus helping your tips stay down).  Then I do my other hand.  At the end, if I am using a metallic or sparkle wrap (or any time if you have issues with tips coming up), I heat up a rice bag in the microwave.  (Any kind of heating pad would work.)  I apply extra heat and pressure with the rice bag."
I've always been hard on my nails and hands. I use them a lot. I pick and grab at things with my nails, and I don't take as good of care of them as I should. But I LOVE the way my Jamberry nails hold up throughout all of this! I'll be updating the blog throughout the week to show you the difference between my Jamberry nails and my painted nails. 
As you can see, the polish is basically wearing off at this point. The tips are completely gone, and it's driving me nuts! Jamberry is still holding strong, though!

Other styles I'm loving right now include Sugar and Spice, Silver Floral on Magenta, and Confetti Cake, but there are so many more to choose from! 
So, are you ready to give Jamberry a try? Lindsay is sponsoring a giveaway via Run Baby Run for a sheet of First Frost Jamberries! This style is no longer even available for sale, but you can score a sheet right here by entering the contest below!

A whole sheet of First Frost is up for grabs! Score it by entering below! 
To enter the contest: 
1. Head over to Lindsay's Jamberry page, and choose your favorite Jamberry style. Then, come back here and leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite style! 
2. To earn one additional entry, go to Lindsay's Facebook page and LIKE it! Then, make sure you come back here and leave another comment telling me you've liked it! 
3. To earn TWO additional entries, place an order with Lindsay before the contest deadline! Again, head back here and let me know you've placed an order! 

That's all you have to do! The winner will be chosen on Tuesday, January 13! 

If you're interested in ordering, all of the products can be ordered online. Please choose "Angela's Blog Giveaway" at checkout, so Lindsay will know how you learned about Jamberry! If you are interested in earning some wraps for free, hosting an online party is a great way to do so, right in the comfort of your own home!  Please "like" Lindsay's Facebook page.

And, even if you don't win, have no fear! Lindsay also included some Jamberry samples that I'd be happy to pass along to you! If you'd like one, please let me know, and I'll get it sent out! You can leave a comment here or send me an email at the address in the Contact Me section of the blog. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get entered in the contest, and check back next week to see if you've won! I can't wait for you to try out these fun nails too! 


  1. I love using Black & White Stripe with any wrap from Garden Party! :)

    1. LOVING all the stripes! :) Good choices!

  2. China rose tip is my favorite

    1. Love the subtle flowers there, Kayla!

  3. I like Bird on Fire. -Natalie Spevak

  4. I like the Melt My Heart ones. So cute!!

  5. I liked your FB page. Leanne Gehrke

  6. Replies
    1. Not too late! I'll draw tonight at 8 p.m. EST! Thanks for entering!

  7. Not sure if its to late to enter, but I liked FB- AmandaSue Hurray


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