My very first Sparkle Box review!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Eeeee! I have been SO excited to tell you about my first experience with Sparkle Box! And now it's finally time! 

Sparkle Box is the fabulous brain child of my best friend, Shannon. I blogged about Sparkle Box a few weeks ago, but I'll give you a short recap here too! For only $19, you can order up a piece of jewelry based on your own personal style. You simply log on to the website and choose the style that bests suits you. There's even an option for the young ladies in your life ages 10-16! 

Now, here's the thing. I love the idea of jewelry, but I've never been able to pull off large, dramatic pieces. Because of this, I sometimes even shy away from jewelry because I'm not sure how to best wear it. That's why I absolutely LOVE the Subtle Style option! It's the perfect option for me, but there are plenty of others to pick from if you want something trendier, bolder, glitzier, or more creative. 

And now, on to the goods, because let's be honest, that's what you really came to see! :) 

The ribbon is adorbs!

I absolutely LOVE the packaging, especially the signature logo ribbon and the super cute tissue paper inside the box! It makes the anticipation that much better! 

And... tada... here's what I got! 

Don't mind my bathroom mirror selfie at school. :) Look how cute it is with my outfit, though!

Now, to be fair, Shannon is my best friend, but she absolutely nailed it! This long, gold necklace is exactly what I was hoping for in my box, as I've been on the hunt for something simple and elegant for a long time now! I love the different size circles and the cut outs in it. I put it on in the bottom picture just to see how it looked with what I wore today, and even with a plain t-shirt and cardigan, it's totally adorable (side note: I was too lazy and swollen to take a proper styling photo. Also, I'm wearing sweat pants, and nothing says style like sweatpants! I'll add a proper picture when I wear my real outfit!). I also paired it with my go-to maternity outfit of outrageously colored pants and a black top. I really, really love that I can wear it plain, or, I can layer it with other necklaces for a look that's oh-so-on-trend right now!

And if Subtle Style isn't for you, you can check out some of the other fabulous, sparkly baubles that have been delivered here! Or, just check out the pictures below! 

blue ombre necklace, statement necklace, gold and blue jewelry   
 gold, black, and green necklace, statement necklace, holiday jewelry
Lucky elephant necklace, gold and pink necklace, subtle jewelry   
blue and green earrings, trendy earrings, color jewelry

So, are you convinced yet? Because I'm pretty sure you (or someone you know!) needs a sparkly little gift box delivered for Christmas! Head over to Sparkle Box on Facebook, and like the page. THEN, hit up the website, and see what style best fits you! 

And WAIT! If you use the code RUNBABY, you can get 10% off your first order! That's an awesome piece of hand-picked jewelry for you delivered directly to your doorstep for only $17.10! Seriously awesome treat! 


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