Confessions of a struggling fitness instructor (AND a preview of maternity pictures!)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

At almost 34 weeks pregnant, I would be big time lying to you if I told you that working out felt easy right now. In the past few weeks, my body has really started to change, and not all of it is comfortable. As a fitness instructor, this is extra infuriating to me, a self-admitted perfectionist.

A little back story here. I became a certified Jazzercise instructor in 2006, after one year of taking classes as a student. I started going to Jazzercise with my mom after I graduated from college and felt like I need to get some physical activity in my life. I'd never been very consistent about working out, and this was the first program I stuck to (and absolutely fell in love with!)!

Currently, I teach four Jazzercise classes a week, and this seems to be my sweet spot. I've taught far more than that before (teaching seven consistently for about a month before I realized I was burning out!) and far less too, but four is my happy place. :) That leaves a few days free for rest or other workouts, and I like having those options. 

But now... it's gotten HARD to workout! I find myself getting out of breath faster than ever, and while I could normally jump around with lots of energy, I just can't do that anymore. I've had to modify and do a lot more low impact than I'm used to, and that makes it hard (especially as the person who's supposed to be motivating others to push themselves!). 

And so, come early January, I've decided to hang up my aerobics shoes and start maternity leave from Jazzercise a bit early. I really want to continue to be active up until Baby P joins our family, but I feel like I'm doing a disservice to myself and my students by trying to push extra hard to keep teaching. 

At the very beginning of my pregnancy, I had lofty fitness goals. I was going to run through the end of my pregnancy! I was going to teach Jazzercise up until Baby Putt was born! I was going to be in absolutely amazing shape when I delivered! 

But I've come to realize that sometimes goals (and, well, priorities) change. My priority now is to keep moving until the baby gets here while still getting some R&R before Baby P comes. I'm looking forward to having a little more down time and a little more freedom in my schedule to attend other classes if I choose. Embracing the slow down isn't always easy, but sometimes, it's well worth it! 

Onto happier things, though... I picked up the CD of our maternity photos we had taken last weekend. The fabulous Cari Hughes of Cari Hughes Photography took us to Notre Dame for some amazing pictures. We also did a few at our house by the Christmas tree so that we could show Baby P what time of year it was. I'm THRILLED with how they turned out, and I'm giving you a sneak peek below! (And no, I couldn't just pick one!)

Photos by: Cari Hughes, Cari Hughes Photography

Outfit credits: 
Green Cardigan Sweater: Stitch Fix (<-- referral link!)
Scarves (multicolor and burgundy wrap): Flourish Boutique (End of the Year 40% off sale is still going!)
Necklace: Sparkle Box (I wear this necklace, like, daily!)
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity (LOVE these skinny jeans!)
Boots: UrbanOG (purchased spring 2013)


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