Attention, last minute shoppers!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

If you're anything like... every person I know, there's a solid chance you're still on the hunt for last minute Christmas gifts. I read an article on Sunday stating that 15 percent of Americans had yet to even START their shopping yet! 

So, if you're still struggling with what to gift those special folks in your life, check out the list below! 

Sparkle Box

Need something, like, now? Order up your friend or family member her very own Sparkle Box! You can print off the website and tell her an awesome box with a piece of jewelry chosen just for her is headed her way after the holidays! Who doesn't love getting a little gift after the deluge of gifts come on Christmas? Seeing a sparkly piece of jewelry hanging out in the mailbox is way prettier than just seeing all of those holiday bills. 

A gift card or certificate

I know there are many firm believers out there that say gift cards aren't heartfelt, but I totally disagree! I think if you take the time to pick out something the person will really love, it's a great gift! For instance, I adore getting Starbucks gift cards because then I feel like it's a treat when I walk in for a $4 latte! Another great option? A Courtney Bock Designs gift certificate is an awesome way to let someone pick out her favorite monogrammed something! 


My mother-in-law always asks for consumables for the holidays, and I really think this is a great idea. Things like fancy chocolates, delicious soaps, fancy coffees/teas, and yummy smelling candles are never wasted! I love a good selection of Lindt truffles (the Stracciatella ones are delicious!), Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial line, and Starbucks coffees and teas. You can't miss with those! 

Anything that promotes wellness
Massages? YES. Manicures/pedicures? YES. Books about dream vacations or hobbies the person really loves? YES. We could all use more wellness in our lives, and most people I know would never turn down something that will help them to relax and unwind. For me, I love fitness gear and info, but know your audience. Don't get the person something workout related if he's going to find it offensive! But, if you can promote fitness safely, do it! 

Dates with you

There's nothing more valuable than your time. Give the gift of lunch and a movie or a shopping trip together. Make a gift certificate for a day of baking or making a meal together. Offer to babysit the kiddos so you get to see them and their parents get a break. Time is the most valuable resource of all. 


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