Stuff I'm Loving Saturday #7

Saturday, November 22, 2014

What a week it's been! I love this time of year leading up to the holidays so much, and it feels like there's even more to cherish in the next few months! We're hosting our first ever family Thanksgiving, and I'm very excited to see how everything turns out (okay, excited, and mildly scared!). But first, here's another edition of Stuff I'm Loving Saturday! 

Sparkle Box:
I blogged about Shannon's new business earlier this week, but I can't get enough of it! Sparkle Box is a totally unique way to get a fun piece of surprise jewelry sent to you (or someone else!). Choose a style, put in your info, and for only $19, you get an awesome piece of jewelry hand picked and sent directly to you! This is SO fun for the holidays! I placed my first order last week, and I can't wait to see what Shannon chooses for me! AND, there's still time to enter the Grand Opening giveaway! Head over to Sparkle Box's Facebook page, like the company, and enter to win free jewelry for you AND a friend! 

I'm in a group for moms due in February on Facebook, and one of the ladies asked if anyone would be interested in doing a Secret Mommy exchange. One of the other moms-to-be asked how we would possibly organize something like this. Enter Elfster. Elfster is an online Secret Santa organizer. You can set up groups, make a wish list (with items you find on the internet), and message your match up in secret if you have questions. This is such an awesome way to do a Secret Santa, I almost wish I had to organize one this year! Oh, and did I mention that it's free? Even better! 

Courtney Bock Designs (all of it!):
Earlier this week, I attended an open house for Courtney Bock Designs, and I have to tell you, seeing all of her merchandise right in front of me makes me want to buy it even more! I snagged a few Christmas gifts for others, and also got some really awesome placemats to set out for my Thanksgiving tablescape. I'm still sort of kicking myself for not getting a sparkly red chevron water cup for myself! I recently ordered an adorable monogrammed infinity scarf for my friend Tabitha's daughter, and it came out so stinking cute! That's a definite item I'll by buying again! 

My Humidifier:
I realize how odd that sounds, but winter came early to northern Indiana, and my already sensitive skin was NOT happy that it didn't have time to adjust to this weather. Thankfully, my fabulous humidifier has come in handy to keep a little extra moisture in the house. Hooray! 

LaPorte High School's 2014 Football Team: 
I had to save the best for last, of course! I am SO incredibly proud of our school's football team this year! For the first time in school history, our team will head to State next weekend to play at Lucas Oil Stadium! This is such an amazing accomplishment, but it's made more amazing by the fact that our kids are truly "Playing for Jake," their teammate who died completely unexpectedly last year at practice (and who is missed every single day). This is Jake's senior year, and his teammates are making sure he's with them every day on the field. I'm so proud of what our kids are doing to honor his legacy. I just can't get over how incredible all of this is. #ProudTeacherMoment #Play for Jake #StateBound


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