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Saturday, November 29, 2014

We were so excited to host Thanksgiving, and it went off without a hitch! Our first family holiday as a married couple in our home was a major success and only mildly exhausting. Everything tasted amazing, and the wonderful company was even better! I have no pictures of our family, but clearly I took a food picture, so that's what you're getting today! 

I've been suffering from a little bit of insomnia at night, but what I've found is that's the perfect time to do some online shopping. The Black Friday deals online this year were wonderful, and they all started early, which I was even more excited about! I'm loving the holidays this year, and can't wait to continue our traditions as an (almost) family of three! 

About the only thing I'm struggling this year is what to put on my Christmas list. Almost everything I come up with is something for the baby or the baby's room. Our house is firmly stocked in every household product I could ever have asked for because of our wedding this year. So now I'm left trying to figure out what to say when people ask "What do you want for Christmas?"

The following is a short list of items I've come up with to share with you so that when you have a clueless momma-to-be in your life, and she doesn't know what to ask for at Christmas, you'll know what might be a good option! 

Any gift certificate that offers pampering: 
Massages. Manicures. Pedicures. The answer is a resounding YES. Moms-to-be are tired and hurting and swollen and could probably use some pampering. Today, my mom caught a Black Friday special and bought me a massage gift certificate for two massages. Bless her heart, it was a happy Christmas moment for me (even if I don't get them for a month!). I don't know a single mom-to-be that would turn down a little pampering. 

A commemorative ornament: 
Mommy to Be
I actually saw a fellow mom-to-be get this ornament from her mom, and I immediately sent the link to my mom! I LOVE having ornaments on the tree with stories behind them, and I can't wait to tell our little one that this ornament is from the Christmas I was pregnant with him/her! 

I mean, it's a giant stereotype that all pregnant love to eat. And it's a giant stereotype because it's mostly true. A small collection of mom's favorite snacks would be an amazing, thoughtful gift to give. You could even include a gift card to mom's favorite restaurant or coffee shop so she can stop by when she doesn't feel like making her own food. 

Awesome accessories: 
Subtle Chevrons Scarf in Rust
Clothing can be difficult to buy for others, mostly because who knows what fits during this time of life. But accessories are a totally different story! Scarves, amazing jewelry (enter Sparkle Box!), or a beautiful bag will go far in momma's eyes. My favorite place to shop for scarves is Flourish Boutique because they have something for every style! 

A Netflix subscription:
Our baby isn't even here yet, but I have a strong feeling that I'm going to need some entertainment during sleepless nights or mid-day naps. And thankfully, Netflix just released all the seasons of Gilmore Girls plus a whole host of new, awesome movies. We already have Netflix, and I know my love for the service will only grow! 

Books, books, and more books:
Topping my list this year is this memoir by Anne Lamott. I've always loved her writing, and I can't wait to read her stories from her son's first year. Completely unrelated to becoming a mom, I also want to read The Paris Wife and anything by Jojo Moyes (because I loved Me Before You so much!). 

Something personalized:
Since we know that life will be all about baby once baby arrives, spoiling her with a little something personalized now can't hurt! Enter the perfect monogrammed present from Courtney Bock Designs! I did a blog post a few weeks ago on all of her amazing products, and if you haven't had a chance to check her out yet, do it now! I'm loving the monogrammed scarf (or scarves in general, apparently), the awesome mason jar tumblers, and the unique stationary gift sets. 

Alcohol-free alcohol: 
Yes, you read that right. I've sorely missed my favorite wine during pregnancy (a small price to pay for our beautiful baby), and I recently discovered Fre Wines. They're definitely not the same as the real thing, BUT, it tastes sort of similar to my beloved Moscato, and I'll take that! 

Not sure what to give a new mom? Offer up some time! Maybe she'll want to spend an afternoon prepping freezer meals and could use some help. Or maybe she really needs someone to help her paint a bedroom or scrub bathtubs. Sometimes an hour or two means more than anything else! 

What else have you given mommas-to-be? I would love to hear some of your ideas to add to my own list! 

P.S. Go Slicers! I believe! #PlayForJake


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