Today was a total Monday

Monday, October 6, 2014

I have a confession to make: Monday is NOT my least favorite day of the week. I've always sort of disliked Tuesdays. You see, on Mondays, I'm always a little bit excited to go to work. I like seeing my coworkers and students, and I like catching up with everyone about what took place over the weekend. Normally, I'm pretty pumped for a good Monday! 

But today, I TOTALLY get why people dislike Mondays. 

Today was a total Monday. 

This weekend was absolutely fabulous. Dan, my cousin Amanda, my parents, and I all loaded in to a car to head to Cleveland, Ohio, for my cousin Christopher's wedding. Chris is the first boy cousin on our side to get married, and we're thrilled to gain Mary in the family! The whole wedding was beautiful, and the bride and groom are so happy and in love! I would post pictures, but apparently only one thing was on my mind at the wedding, and so what I took pictures of included my dinner and their cupcake display. Fail at getting any real live humans in the photos. Seriously, though, it was a fantastic party! 

But apparently, I partied myself into exhaustion, because not even eight hours of sleep last night helped my case by the time the alarm went off this morning. 

I woke up groggy and grumpy, which is something I'm not used to. Usually, I'm that girl, and when my alarm goes off, I'm bounding out of bed and ready to take on the day (this is, of course, much to my husband's annoyance). Today was just not that party. 

Since I have a love/hate relationship right now with coffee, I didn't have any caffeine at work, and that led to super grogginess by the time third hour rolled around. My students, angels that they are, were perfect today, though, and mostly did their work without me having to bug them too much. 

I'm hoping after a good workout tonight and another good night of sleep, I'll be feeling like a whole new person tomorrow. The kids don't have school, but we have an inservice day, which means 30 extra minutes of sleep AND we get to go out to lunch! So maybe my Tuesday just had to be my Monday this week! 

Hope your week is off to an energetic start! 


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