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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

If there's anything I'm learning about pregnancy, it's that when you're tired, you're tired. And that's taken a bit of a toll on my workouts as of late. 

Last summer and fall, I was a 5k and 10k running machine, and I felt great while doing it. This year, it's taken a lot of effort to get in one 2-3 mile run every week (to be fair, the weather has been suuuuuuper rainy lately). But even though I'm not running, I still want to be working out at home, especially since my schedule has been all over the place lately. 

Therefore, I've been trying all sorts of new workouts lately, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of boredom. I love teaching my four Jazzercise classes a week, but I also think cross training is so important, and I love what I've found to mix it up! 

Here are some of my favorites as of late! 

Prenatal Barre

This one hour workout is an awesome cardio and strength combo! I'd been taking some amazing Barre classes at B Present Studio in Granger prior to getting pregnant, but felt too sick over the summer to really make a go of it. I've yet to go back yet, mostly because my schedule lately has been insane! This prenatal Barre workout is an awesome addition to what I'm already doing! I was a little nervous when I started the video, because I thought the pace might be too slow, but it kicked up in a hurry! It's a great class when I want to get a workout in at home, and I think this class would be a challenge for anyone! 


I'll be the first to admit that I've never been good at yoga. I'm totally inflexible on a good day, and I can't clear my mind for anything. But lately I've been struggling with a pretty sore back, and I want to get in extra stretching. Enter the Do Yoga With Me website. I LOVE this site! You can choose a class that just's right for you based on your ability level. Additionally, you can find yoga for the morning, afternoon, and evening, and choose whatever type of yoga you like (for FREE!)! Great classes, and that makes me happy! 

Upper Body Workout

PopSugar has long been my go-to website for great workouts, and this 30 minute upper body workout is definitely a pumper! I'm loving doing this routine after a little while on the elliptical, and my arms and shoulders definitely feel the burn! Great workout for a day when you don't need to use your arms for a whole lot. 

Do you have any favorite at home workouts you've been doing lately? 


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