Running for two (or, lack thereof)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer has always been my favorite season to run, mostly because I actually had quality time to do it. From 2011-2013, I ran over 1,400 miles, which feels like such a major accomplishment! 

This year, though, has been a different story, unfortunately. Wedding planning consumed the early part of the year, and then right about the time summer rolled around, my all day nausea kicked in, making it difficult to find the motivation to run. I kept up my normal Jazzercise classes over the summer, but I wimped out on the running, only getting in 3-8 miles a week (much less than I would like). 

It's different when you're running for more than one person. I feel the need to be more cautious... to really watch my steps and pay attention to what's happening around me. I feel the need to slow it down when I used to push it and take more water breaks than I normally would have. My five mile summer runs turned in to two milers, or a walk, or no miles at all, depending on the day. Even though I did get my 5K PR while I was pregnant, it was before I knew I was pregnant, and I guarantee I wouldn't have pushed quite so hard had I already known (there were moments I felt like I was going to puke during Sunburst, but Dan was so encouraging, and I wanted to keep up with him!). 

Now that I'm feeling better and the fall weather is inching ever closer, my goal is to get back into running. I've been looking around the internet for lots of great tips, and have taken my own experience thus far to compile the following advice for myself and fellow mommas-to-be. Enjoy! 

1. Don't be afraid to slow it down. A mile is still a mile. It doesn't matter how fast you're going. I'm running about a full minute slower now than before I got pregnant, and I fully intend to slow down even more as Baby P grows. I'm still going to count each mile as a success! 

2. Hydrate. And carry hydration with you. I find that I'm getting warm every run, even if it's not too warm outside. The best way to combat that is hydration. I drink as much as I can before I head out and set a 24 ounce water bottle outside when I run. I pass it twice each mile, and I stop every time I need to. 

3. Umm, use the bathroom right before you go. And directly after. Your bladder will thank you. 

4. It's okay to maintain. I used to run to get faster, better, stronger. That's not the focus anymore. I'm just trying to maintain my fitness level and feel strong and healthy. It's not about speed or mileage anymore. Maintaining is still great! 

5. Stretching is more important now than ever. I used to skimp on my after run stretches if I was in a hurry. Not anymore. Things tend to be sore (read: my back) more often now anyway, and I'd rather spend an extra five minutes working out some of the kinks. Make sure to take adequate time to stretch. 

Any other running related tips I should know? I'm all ears! 


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