Rocksbox Review: Loving this new jewelry subscription box service!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A few weeks ago, I received an email from my bestie Shannon (check her out at Gypsy Mind!) inviting me to try Rocksbox for free. I'd never heard of Rocksbox, so I started doing a little digging. 

Rocksbox is similar to Stitch Fix (my other favorite subscription service!) in that you sign up for the service by filling out an extensive profile of what sort of accessories you wear, what styles you like, what sorts of events you're attending (weddings, workplace, out on the town, etc.). After you've done that, you wait patiently, and in no time at all, three pieces of jewelry arrive at your doorstep. If you decide you want to keep any of them, there's an invoice with price included. If you don't want to keep them, you borrow them for as long as you'd like before shipping them back in the same prepaid envelope they were mailed to you in. Then, voila, your next box will arrive (Or, you can choose to cancel after your first month if you don't want to keep paying for shipments). The service is $19 a month, and my understanding is that you can return as many shipments as you want within the month and receive as many shipments as you want until your month is up! 

Now, I will be the first to admit I'm not really an accessory person. Any of my friends can tell you that typically when I travel, I have to borrow accessories from others with me, because it's literally the last thing on my mind (read: never on my mind) when I put an outfit together. With the exception of scarves (LOVE a good scarf!) and my wedding and engagement rings, I just don't wear a lot of jewelry. 

But, because Shannon had signed up, I would get the first month for free, so I figured for free... I was willing to give it a whirl! I filled out my profile, gave them my address, and patiently waited for the box to arrive! 

And let me tell you, friends, my first box did NOT disappoint! 

Love the super cute packaging here! 

These are the three pieces I was sent this month, and I was thrilled to have them arrive, because I'm totally planning to use them next weekend to my cousin's wedding with my amazing Loveappella Maxi Dress from Stitch Fix! I don't have anything like these pieces, and I'm so excited that I can use them with my new dress!

In my first shipment, I received the Aztec Bangle from House of Harlow 1960, the Urban Gem Lorena Art Deco necklace, and the violet Sophia Studs earrings from Loren Hope. These are all PERFECT for the maxi! My only complaint is with the bracelet, which, is no surprise. I have super small wrists, so the bangle comes all the way down my hand! While I love the jewelry, the prices are a bit high for my tastes (especially considering how often I wear jewelry (although you do get 20% off if you purchase a piece through them)), but I really enjoyed having this first month for free and am debating trying another month just for fun! I'm hoping this will help encourage me to wear more jewelry too! 

So are you ready to try out a FREE MONTH?! Click my referral link, and you'll get an access code for a free month! Fill out the style profile, wait for your jewelry, and let me know what you think afterward! 


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