Soaking up every last millisecond of summer

Monday, August 11, 2014

I cannot believe this is our last week of summer vacation! Where did the last ten-ish weeks go? How did the time pass so quickly? I swear if you blink, you can lose a week or two each time. 

We used the weekend to get a ton of things off our massive to-do list. Saturday started off with a trip to Valpo to meet our new friend baby Jack. He was born three weeks ago to our friends Matt and Kristen, and he's a total doll! We then went up to Michigan to drop off and pick up some items at the in-laws before an awesome dinner with my parents (think Thanksgiving in August -- which was awesome!)! On Sunday, we ran errands in the morning and afternoon, and then went back north to take Dan's parents' boat out on Lake Michigan. The water was a little choppy, but it was a perfect temperature, and it's always fun to see my favorite three-year-old nephew driving the boat! After an awesome dinner with his family, we got home late last night where we watched Food Network Star (Yay Lenny!) before I promptly passed out. 

I'm making an attempt to get back on "school time" this week, which means going to bed earlier and getting up much, much earlier. I've always been a solid eight hours of sleep kind of lady, so it might be a bit of a struggle this week to really get back to a normal schedule! 

Although I might be slightly bummed about only having one more week of vacation, I've hit that point in the summer where I'm ready to get back to work. I'm ready to have a routine and teach my students. I'm ready to take on the challenges of the school year and get back in to a normal daily pattern. 

So this week is dedicated to soaking up every last millisecond of summer! I'm trying to polish off a massive to-do list (I'm feeling like it's not going to happen... but a girl can dream!), get outside more, read for fun, and see friends and family. Since today started off super rainy and has turned to mostly overcast, it's been a good day to get some inside work done (even, GASP, school work!). 

I'm super excited for what the rest of this week brings, and can't wait to have a little more fun before the school year begins! 


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