First trimester recap: Aversions and cravings and sickness, oh my!

Monday, August 25, 2014

We found out on June 9 that Baby Putt would be joining our family! I felt amazing for about two more weeks. 

And then, the crud came. 

I never technically got morning sickness, but I did get noon to 10 p.m. nausea (Luckily, I never actually got sick... but sometimes I thought it might feel better to!). 

I also encountered the all encompassing exhaustion. I truly had no idea how tiring it is to be pregnant. Lots of energy going in to this little one! While the nausea went away in week 13, the exhaustion has remained a little longer, which is annoying now that I'm back to work and can't nap quite as often as I'd like. 

During the first trimester, there were certain foods that didn't sound good to me (umm, like meat. And vegetables.), but the only thing that actually made me physically gag was the idea of coffee. 


I adore coffee. I haven't gone to work without coffee in... five years? And all of a sudden, just the thought of coffee made me ill. I no longer feel ill when I think about coffee, but I still don't want to drink it. Sincerely hoping that changes at some point, because I desperately miss the caffeine! 

My cravings have been carby and varied. I can't seem to get enough cereal and milk (which I haven't eaten in this large of a quantity since the college dining hall!). Grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese have also been my BFFs as of late. Pretty much anything with cheese and carbs have been great! 

And now, well in to week 15, I'm feeling mostly back to normal except for the tiredness and the ever expanding waistline (and shrinking wardrobe, I might add!). Blessedly, I think most of the crud happened during the summer when I was off and could just be miserable for a bit. Being back to work has been great, and I'm hoping for sunshine and happiness in trimester two! 


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