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Monday, July 21, 2014

Today, my new Jazzercise set arrived in my mailbox. I always love this set the best because it's the one I can spend the most time with being that it's summer vacation and I have more free time than usual! But, it got me thinking about all those days during the school year when it feels like there just isn't time to work out. 

I've always been one to work out on the days I have time. But sometimes, I fail to make the time. My wise friend (and Jazzercise of LaPorte center owner) Janet once reminded me that a one hour workout is only 4% of my day. When I look at it that way, it's hard for me to justify not working out, even if that means getting up earlier or skipping a little relaxation time at night. 

I LOVE using Pinterest for quick and easy workouts. There's such a great variety on there, and it's a great place to save workouts I want to try later. Here are just a few I'm loving for those days when I'm busy! 

1. This PopSugar 7-minute HIIT workout video is awesome! And it's only seven minutes long! We can all find seven minutes in our days! 

2. Spark People offers a 6-minute body weight circuit workout that can be done anywhere! Perfect for those who want to tone and tighten but don't want to invest a lot of time on a given day! 

3. PopSugar (my favorite workout site!) has a great 20-minute Flat Belly workout that intertwines cardio and strength into a great little circuit workout. Check it out below! 

Whatever you're doing, try to do a little each day. Once it becomes a part of your routine, it's hard to stay away from it! I tried to stick to indoor workouts this week as it's getting TOASTY here in the Midwest! Hope you're staying nice and cool today! 


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