Why you gotta be so rude?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This guy has GOT to go! 
Alright, this may come as more of a rant. But here goes anyway. 

What is with the rudeness lately?! Have any of you noticed this trend too? I feel like it's everywhere, and maybe that's because I've been spending more time online. I've seen crazy bouts of rudeness in every type of discussion forum I've been on! I suppose I expect this for things like news stories (I especially despise anonymous forums where names aren't attached to postings), but I literally feel like it's been all over the past few weeks! People have been attacking others on Facebook, blogs, and, today, even a recipe I was contemplating for dinner had a seriously rude comment from someone who supposedly made it and didn't like it. Is that necessary?!

Is it no longer acceptable for people to share their opinions without the rude factor? I understand that not everyone is going to agree on any given topic, whether that's a news story or a recipe or what have you. My issue is the way in which that opinion is shared. I just don't think that belittling or attacking others is necessary in order to simply say, "Hey, we don't agree, but that's okay." When did the anonymous internet attacks on people we've probably never even met become a thing? Because I want zero part of that.

A few weeks ago, there was an awesome gratefulness/positive kick going on via Facebook. I saw so many awesome posts from people who were looking at what was great in their lives. Since then, I've seen at least a few posts about people who have been faced with rudeness, unsavory treatment in situations, and even personal attacks over the smallest, simplest things. It makes me angry to see great people who are just trying to do their best and live their lives getting put down, belittled, and treated with rudeness. 

So, I guess what I'm saying is, before you attack others with a rude 'tude, try empathy, kindness, and actual communication. I feel like we can make the world such a happier place if we all just try a little! 


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