Craft day! How to make a Yarn Wrapped Wreath!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I love a good craft project! But I'm not always motivated to complete projects on my own. So, I'm thrilled that my friend Erica is a crafter too! It's nice to have a buddy to work with and talk to while we let our creativity do its thing. 

On today's agenda were some classroom crafts for Erica and a front door wreath for me. I'd seen an awesome Pinterest tutorial on making a yarn-wrapped wreath, and I've seen a few lately while driving through various neighborhoods. Our front door is plain ol' white, so any time I can spruce it up with some color, I'm all for it! 

For today's project, I picked up the following supplies from Michael's:
-Foam Wreath (you could use other materials too -- straw, styrofoam, etc.)
-Spray Adhesive (I used the Krylon brand)
-Yarn (any kind, but consider the weight because if it's thinner, you'll be wrapping a while!)
-Embellishments of your choosing (I chose two large felt flowers and a letter P)
-Hot glue gun (for embellishments)
-Ribbon for hanging wreath
Tada! Supplies!
Once you've gathered supplies, it's time to get started! 

First, start by spraying a small amount of adhesive on the wreath. Begin by wrapping the yarn tightly so it stays in place as you start to work. As you move away from the adhesive, though, you can start to space out your string (you're going to wrap around the wreath 3-4 times anyway, so you'll have a chance to fill in the gaps later!)! 
Wreath after round one of wrapping!
Continue wrapping the wreath, occasionally spraying a little adhesive as you go. You do NOT need to use a lot of adhesive -- a little dab will do you! As you wrap, make sure the yarn is pulled tight to the wreath to avoid major bumps and lumps. 
Wreath after round two of wrapping!
Continue onward until you're satisfied with how the wreath looks. I ended up going around four times just to fill in some of the larger holes. To be honest, there are still a few holes, but no one will see it from far away (and they probably won't notice it up close either!)!
Finally finished wrapping!
When you finish, make a knot on the back side of the wreath (decide at this point which side looks best, and use the other side as the back! Then, make the knot through a piece of yarn already wrapped around the wreath.). You may want to add a little adhesive spray to make sure it doesn't wiggle around too much. 

Next, decide how you want to embellish your wreath. I wanted to do the flowers and the P on the opposite side of wreath, and in hindsight, I think I want to get another flower so that there's an odd number on the left hand side. At this point, I switched to the hot glue gun so that I could better control where my glue was going. 

Hello, wreath! 
Choose a ribbon you love and wrap it around the top of the wreath. And wallah! 
And on the door! (Clearly, I need to center it a bit!)
What do you think?! In total, the wreath took about 3 hours to make. Luckily, we had good tunes and good conversation so there was never any boredom! 

And now, I need a new craft. Any suggestions for me? 


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