Summertime Saturday: Summertime workouts!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Just Wanna Have . . .
But I mean, don't we all? 
There's so much I love about summertime. I love lazy mornings of sipping coffee and reading the newspaper before my day begins. I love the freedom and flexibility to do things I just can't fit in during the school year. And I really love that I have the time and energy to try new things! 

On days I teach Jazzercise, I typically just make that my workout for the day. But on days I don't teach, I'm always looking for new inspiration. And while I love running, some days I just want something I can do in the air conditioning! 

Thanks to the magic of Pinterest, I've found some AMAZING workouts so that I can keep what I'm doing fresh and not let my body get too used to the same types of things. Lately, it seems my focus has been on arms or things I can do without a bunch of equipment on hand. 

These are a few of my favorites right now: 

1. This six minute excuse proof workout from SparkPeople requires zero equipment, and can be done anywhere! And really, I have zero excuse for not getting in six minutes of working out. 

2. This 20 minute ab flattening workout from PopSugar consists of just five moves with cardio bursts in between. Easy, quick, and effective! 

3. This ten minute lower body workout video from PopSugar features workout guru Anna Renderer (she's my FAVE right now!) and ten solid minutes of leg and glute work. Awesome when you're time crunched! 

4. This body weight workout from PopSugar is a great circuit for toning and tightening without any equipment necessary. 

5. This 60 minute boot camp workout from Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers will bring on the sweat! Each circuit should be completed for three minutes before moving on to the next box. This workout rocks! 

I really would love to find a great yoga workout to incorporate into my regimen, but think I need to do a little more YouTube searching until I find one I really like. 

What are you doing right now for your workouts? And yoga advice for this newbie? 


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