Wedding recap: The BIG DAY!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The day of our wedding, I literally woke up wide awake. At 5 a.m. Which was unfortunate because I was really hoping for a little more rest! Luckily for me, two of my bridesmaids spent the night, and I heard both of them stirring around 5:30. I ended up going for a two mile run with Krissi and a nice morning walk with Teresa, and it was really nice to have some time with both of them that morning. I worried I would be exhausted by the time the wedding rolled around, but as luck would have it, I was not. :) 

The bridesmaids, my mom, our flower girl, Anica, and Dan's mom and two sisters met at Studio C Hair Salon at 8, where we feasted on breakfast while getting our hair done. Blissfully, Andrea brought me my regular Starbucks drink (complete with Bride label!), and I was sitting pretty. I actually felt really calm all through the morning, but had a nervous stomach and could barely eat (even though I wanted to!). My hairstylist, Jamie, and another stylist, Angie, gave everyone a unique style that looked lovely together! Our photographer (and friend!) Kaity met us at the salon too. 

After we finished there, we went over to Camellia Cosmetics to get our makeup done. We ran into another bridal party there, which was fun to see! The ladies there got us all gussied up, and then it was over to Hilton Garden Inn to eat lunch and relax. 

As luck would have it, Bridesmaids was on, and we caught just the last few minutes in the hotel room. Perfect moment! The bridesmaids got ready at the hotel, and we packed my dress in the car to travel to Church of Our Lady of Loretto around 3 p.m. This gave us an hour before the ceremony and plenty of time to get me ready. 

And if we went wrong anywhere, this is where we went wrong. When we got to the church, my anxiety kicked in. I was ready to go down the aisle RIGHT THEN, and waiting felt like torture! But, miraculously, Dan had left a present in the bridal room for me -- beautiful rose gold earrings AND a homemade album containing all of the love post-its, cards, and letters we've written to each other since we started dating. It was absolutely perfect and just what I needed to see in that moment. 

After I got my dress on, our coordinator came to get the bridesmaids lined up. Nerve wracking! My dad came in a few moments later and told me my mom had made it all the way down the aisle without crying, so I knew we were in good shape! I could hear the string trio playing, and knew it was go time. 

We walked into the lobby and as I turned the corner, I could see just a glimpse of my handsome husband down the aisle before everybody stood up. And then I instantly felt better. About halfway down the aisle, the emotions started to get to me, but luckily, my fantastic father whispered an inside joke to me, and it was all smiles from then on out. 

Can we just talk about how handsome my husband is for a minute? So handsome! 

As much as I hate to say this, the ceremony is a bit of blur. I know the readings were excellent, my Uncle Rob's singing was absolutely beautiful, and the words Father Paul and Pastor Gordie spoke to us were heartfelt and honest. But all I could think of was how this day was finally here and how I am the luckiest woman in the world. I kept looking around the church seeing all of the people who love us and just felt... so happy! 

But I do know that the ceremony was lovely and perfect, because at the end of it, we were married! We posed for a whole slew of pictures with our families before heading outside to take some photos with our bridal party. 

And then it was off to Gillespie Ballroom at Hilton Garden Inn for our amazing reception! Everything was incredible -- the food, the cake, the music, the speeches, the dancing, but most of all, the people there! The pictures do so much more justice than my words could do here (Kaity Fuja at OMG Photography is the BEST!)! I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the most special day of our life! 


  1. Great photos and an awesome wedding! Congrats again to both of you. Enjoy the honeymoon!


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