Stitch Fix review #5: The one where I kept every single piece

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I have a few more wedding related posts up my sleeve, but before I get to those, I have to take a break to post my latest Stitch Fix... because it's the one where I kept ALL FIVE PIECES!

If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix yet, let me explain a little! Basically, Stitch Fix is a subscription service that will send you five clothing or accessory pieces for you to try on in the comfort of your own home and with your own clothing to pair with it. Each Fix costs $20, but that fee is credited toward whatever you decide to keep. When you've decided what you don't want, you drop it in the prepaid mailing envelope, stick it in any mailbox, and mail it back to the company. You only get charged for what you keep, and you can get Fixes as often or as infrequently as you'd like. Shipping is free both ways. AND, if someone signs up through your referral link (mine is linked above!), you get a $25 credit to use toward your next purchase. Not a bad deal, huh? 

I love this service because it pushes me outside my comfort zone, it comes directly to my door without the hassle of going shopping, and it gives me suggestions on how to style the outfits! You can check out my other Stitch Fix Reviews here: 
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My stylist for my last three Fixes has been Tan, and she (or he, I'm not 100% sure!) continues to knock it out of the park! For this Fix, I told Tan I was looking for a few specific pieces for our honeymoon to Greece (!!!). I really wanted a great maxi skirt and was also hoping for lightweight, romantic pieces. Tan totally nailed it! 

1. Pomelo Abstract Floral Print Knit Back Tank ($48)
2. Pink Martini Joshua Colored Ankle Jeans ($64)
I'd yet to have any luck with pants from Stitch Fix, even though I really wanted to get some fun, colored jeans for spring. These, however, are pretty fantastic! They're listed as a teal green color and are meant to be ankle jeans. They're a really flattering fit and something I would have never picked for myself. I also really like the top! While it's a floral pattern on the front, the back is a solid gray. Again, I don't think I ever would have picked up this pattern for myself, but I love the way it looks on, and think the flowy vibe will be perfect for walking around the islands! The one downside is that the tank is dry clean only, but I'm sort of wondering if I can get away with hand washing instead. 

3. Pomelo Avah Chevron Print Dolman Sleeve Top ($58) 
I saw this shirt on another blog and pinned it to my Pinterest board. Tan went on there and saw that I'd pinned it and sent it to me. I don't have any of these Dolman sleeve tops yet, and LOVE that it has a subtle chevron pattern to it! It's totally lightweight and will look great with jeans or dressed up with white skinnies (whenever I finally get a pair!)!

4. Papermoon Remmie Multi-Color Chevron Print Maxi Skirt ($58) 
This maxi skirt makes my heart sing! Chevron, long, and full of different colors to pair with it! The styling card recommended a white or purple top, but I went with a blue tank. Again, this is another piece that I think will be a honeymoon staple! (As an aside, goodness, I need a little tan on those limbs!)

5. 41 Hawthorn Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit & Flare Dress ($74)
This was the only piece that when I pulled it out of the box, I wasn't 100% sure I would love. And then I put it on and thought I was crazy for not trusting Tan on this one! The dress fits perfectly, and considering we have four weddings this summer and fall, this dress is a must! 

So, how in the world did I justify the prices? Well, here comes the best part. I only paid $156.50 for all five pieces, which comes out to just $31.30 a piece!

Here's how that happened: Every time a friend signs up using your referral, you get a $25 credit to your account. I had one this Fix! Additionally, Katie over at The Pinke Post sponsored a contest earlier this month, and I won a $50 gift card through her (thanks Katie!), so I had $75 in credit on my account. Additionally, when you purchase all five items in your Fix, you get a 25% discount bringing the cost down even further. Stitch Fix has a referral program that's unbeatable in my opinion, as it's scored me some great items for free! 

That's all for now! My attention is turning back to the next seven days of school followed by 14 days in GREECE! So much excitement! 


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