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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Last week, my coworker and I were looking at new photos that Flourish had added to Facebook. Another coworker pointed out (correctly, I might add) that we are obsessed with Flourish. 

Umm, YES. 

And now, there's even more to be obsessed about! 

On Thursday, Flourish held their Grand Opening in their brand new location. I was bummed to miss the event (because Flourish throws a fantastic party!), but they had a fashion show highlighting their new styles, a DJ, and Gigi's cupcakes! I've only been there once and I fell. In. Love! The space is larger, the selection is wider, and everything screamed "Get in my closet!" They even have a new gift section that is adorable! Outfits for baby and little girl fashionistas, wall hangings for Brides-to-be (my mom couldn't resist and bought Dan and me one that says "Mr. and Mrs."), and unique Saint Mary's and Notre Dame items are just a few of the things you can find there. 

Since I'm doing the whole Bride-on-a-Budget thing these days, I'm glad I was able to hit them up during a sale! Their Grand Opening sale is still on through Wednesday at midnight (just enter GRAND25 during your online checkout!). When I went to Flourish, I went with a very specific goal in mind: Find a dress for my daytime winery bachelorette party. I knew I wanted it to be white and have some fun details to it. I might have gotten distracted by a few other pieces in the store... but the dress I chose is below under the other Flourish things I'm loving right now! 

1. Keeping in Contrast Maxi Dress ($79.50) -- I can already picture myself walking through our honeymoon in Greece in this little number. So in love! 
Keeping In Contrast Maxi Dress
Keeping in Contrast Maxi Dress
2. Sparkles Wherever She Goes Flats in Gold ($21.50) -- Perfect for kicking around this spring and summer (and a total steal at that price!). These shoes will most definitely be working their way in to my closet. 
Sparkles Wherever She Goes Flats in Gold
Sparkles Wherever She Goes Flats
3. Midas Touch Sandals ($39.50) -- Hi, my name is Angela, and I have a shoe problem. But these sandals are so great! The touch of gold elevates these from just being a flat t-strap sandal to sandals that are elegant fun! 
Midas Touch Sandals
Midas Touch Sandals
4. Key necklace ($14.50) -- I can't find a link to this on the Flourish web page, but this is easily my favorite necklace I've picked up this year. The little key has such delicate pearls on it, and since we're doing a lot of lock and key items at our wedding, this just had to come home with me! 

Love the delicate key!
5. Petal Perfection Dress ($59.50) -- I fell in LOVE with this dress  the second I put it on! The delicate rosettes on the skirt are gorgeous, and the dress is SO flattering on! And the best part? The open back is beautiful! I seriously can't wait to wear this to my bachelorette party (I just hope it's warm enough by then!)! 
Petal Perfection Dress
Petal Perfection Dress (it really is perfection!)
Petal Perfection Dress
Check out that awesome back! 
So, there's my brief recap of the new Flourish. I recommend you check them out. Like now. And you can do it by going here. And one more thing. Remember the Saint Mary's and Notre Dame section I mentioned? Check out all this cuteness Flourish posted on their Facebook page! These items aren't available online (yet!), but you can order them by calling the store (or, stopping by there, say, this week, while you're on spring break...)! 

Photo: Saint Mary's students and alumnae get excited!! We just got these adorable pillows, towels, and coasters! We also have them for Notre Dame :)
I need all of this cuteness. 


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