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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Well, it's about that time that spring break comes to a close. Let's review, shall we? 

1. I did a TON of wedding planning. 
2. When I felt like I could do no more, I did even more wedding planning. 
3. No matter how on top of things you might feel, the last month of wedding planning seems to be pretty friggin' stressful. 
4. I think I've cried every single day. Not because I'm sad. Not because I'm angry. But because I'm stressed.
Do I have a mullet in this stressed out cartoon picture?
Case in point... today I was in the middle of crying when my tissue fell out of my hand and off my bed. That made me cry even more! 

To be fair, we'd literally spent almost five hours trying to figure out the wedding seating assignments. 

And, I hadn't eaten in, like, six hours. 

And I'd really only eaten donuts today, so... so much for that healthy eating before the wedding plan. 

It's seriously incredible how many emotions run through me every minute. I'm hyper-sensitive and overly emotional (lucky Dan! lucky everyone who has to deal with me!). I'm tired and excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. The to-do list is getting longer, not shorter, and I can't tell you how many times I've Googled "wedding etiquette for..." in the past three days. 

But what I DO know is that four weeks from now, I'll be dancing with my husband at our wedding reception. And that thought alone makes all the insanity, stress, tears, and tissue dropping totally worth it. 


  1. Delegate what you can, let some things slide. It will be a perfect day however it happens. Enjoy the process and the day. And take care of yourself. Eating is crucial to keeping the stress monster at bay.


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