Snow Day #10: What I'm loving Wednesday

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The winter freeze rolled in last night and, by all signs of the sun streaming through my family room windows, will be exiting here momentarily. Sandwiched in between, though, was snow day #10 (double digits!) on the school year. Ironically, we've just decided how we would make up our snow days (2 were exempted, 4 were added throughout the rest of the year, and we're going to school on Good Friday and adding an extra hour of school for 12 days to make up the other 3). It'll be interesting to see where we tack this one on (let's all hope not around wedding time!)!

At first, I was bummed about having another snow day, but I've come to the conclusion lately that life is handing us these lemons for a reason, and making lemonade out of them is clearly the best thing to do. So today's blog focuses on things I'm loving right now! 

Get in my belly! 
1. Gigi's Cupcakes - If you haven't had a chance to get over to Granger (or one of the other locations of Gigi's), you're missing out. There's something so decadent about a delicious cupcake covered with a gigantic amount of frosting. These ones were at my bridal shower over the weekend (with mint and lavender frosting to match our wedding colors) and were absolutely scrumptious! 

2. POPSUGAR Fitness Workouts - POPSUGAR was a Pinterest find for me, and I'm obsessed! They have amazing workouts of all types, all ability levels, and with all levels of equipment. It's been a fun way to change up my workouts and get outside the comfort zone recently! 

3. Running outside - I've gotten in TWO WHOLE outdoor runs in the past week and a half, and it has been glorious! I seriously can't wait to resume a normal running routine again! 

Teresa, Andrea (and baby boy C!), and me at the Gender Reveal Party!
Photo by the super talented David McMasters!
4. Stitch Fix - I'm still adoring my Stitch Fix shipments!  They are so fun to look forward to, and I love that they send me pieces I never would have tried on my own! Case in point, check out the beautiful blue cowl neck top I'm wearing in the picture above! This was the perfect top to wear to my friend's gender reveal party (and yes, it's a boy!)! My next shipment comes April 5, and it'll be the perfect way to kick off spring break. The best part is, they have an awesome referral program, and with a few referrals, you can score some great clothes for free! 

5. Organizing all the things - With all the different wedding related things we've been bringing into the house lately, we've amassed a major amount of things! So it's been a small thrill to start organizing all of it when I can! Once we're back from our honeymoon this summer, I'm hoping to clear the clutter, have a MAJOR garage sale, and organize the house from top to bottom. I'm geekily excited about this! 

So, that's me! What are YOU loving this Wednesday?


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